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Bungie Weekly Update - 10/01/2015

This week at Bungie we’re preparing the Crucible for the triumphant return of its special agents.

“Do you like it better when Lord Saladin oversees these matches?” –Lord Shaxx

We know you’ve missed him, along with his partner in competition, Brother Vance. The chatter we monitor from our listening stations has demanded their return. There are many among you who are hungry to single out the heroes of the new combat meta.

It’s the next logical spoke in the wheel of carnage and mayhem that we’re spinning. Destiny Year Two is almost a month old. The Guardians have risen in droves to confront the Taken. Emerging victorious from a new campaign to defend our home from a new threat, you’ve learned some new talents of war. Your armory has become infused with new implements of destruction. The sandbox has a blacker, more malicious touch. Trigger fingers itch for glory.

Full Fireteams (5 players or more) that have faced Oryx in his final form have emerged from the King’s Fall Raid with a 34.48% success rate. (Translation: Some Guardians are better than others.) A new breed of elite warrior is emerging in the Tower. Every day, another one of them is proudly displaying a shiny new sword on their back, sizing up that other player in line to see the Gunsmith. It’s time to settle some scores.

The game has changed. Soon, we’ll rediscover the best of the best in an arena where your power matters. Are you ready? You might want to read on before you proclaim steady assurances that you are.

Light the Shield

Lord Saladin will welcome competitors to back the Tower on October 13th.

Prepare to control the zones. Level up and choose your weapon. Power still matters, and we’re adjusting the damage curves to work with the new measurement systems. That’s not all that’s different about Iron Banner in Year Two. We have a tactical briefing from Crucible Designer, Jeremiah Pieschl to help you get ready for battle:

  • The tempered buff is now automatically applied and continues to grow in effectiveness each day of the event.

  • The alt catch-up buff and Iron Medallion mechanics are unchanged.

  • Potential match completion rewards now include both weapons and armor, matching the same items available from Lord Saladin during each event.

  • Drop rates have been increased and are intended to be the primary source of rewards from Iron Banner. If you don't get what you're hoping for, you have the option to visit Lord Saladin instead.

  • Gear purchased from Lord Saladin now requires Legendary Marks instead of Glimmer.

  • New emblems have been added to his inventory.

  • All new bounties including 9 Daily bounties (3 per day) and 3 new Weekly bounties which reward Legendary Marks.

  • Recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner: 230.

  • Only Level 40 Guardians can lead a Fireteam.

“Test yourself, Guardian.” –Lord Saladin

Light the Candles

Brother Vance will welcome competitors back to the Reef on October 16.

Prepare to eliminate the enemy. Yet again, power still matters. Increase your Light and form your very finest Fireteam. Trials of Osiris is keeping the trend of evolution in Year Two. Senior Designer Derek Carroll is here to tell you what you need to know to reach the Lighthouse, or die well trying:

  • Trials gear will now drop exclusively as end-of-match rewards for winning teams.
    • The more you win, the better those drops will be!
    • There’s no need to return to Brother Vance, all rewards come directly to you.

  • Passage Coins still drop for the losing team. Trials is still about winning, but Coins can help make that easier.

  • Trials Passages now have a Details page containing your active buffs. You won’t be able to add buffs once you’ve started your Trial, so make sure you buy them first!

  • Players that go undefeated on their Passage will continue to be invited to The Lighthouse.

  • Players may continue to play in the Trials past 9 wins (but they won’t get any better gear).

  • Brother Vance now has Trials Bounties available each weekend to provide players with a way to get sweet Trials gear, even if they’re not reaching the Lighthouse.

  • Regular Crucible Bounties are also still valid in Trials.

  • We will attempt to match up teams with similar win counts.
    • If you have 1 win, we will try to match you with another team with only 1 win.
    • If you have 8 wins… yup.

  • If we can’t find a high-quality match, we will loosen the win requirements first (in other words, we will not prioritize “wins” over low-latency matches).

  • Overtime timer in Elimination will now show 0:00 instead of stopping at 0:01 when time expires.

  • Teammate and enemy Revives now have distinct audio cues.

  • Recommended minimum Light for Trials of Osiris: 290.

  • Only Guardians with at least 251 Light can lead a Fireteam.

“You return. My master is pleased.” –Brother Vance

By Popular Demand

Feeling stressed?

Need warmth to endure the long, cold winter?

Get thee to the Bungie Store for fresh loots to compliment your exotic lifestyle. Glimmer not accepted.

I Want To Believe

Destiny Player Support exists to enable the Guardians to explore and fight, but they will always stop just short of operating as your strategy guide. Here is their charter, expressed and executed in their own words.

DPS:  Since the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, we've been keeping an updated list of issues that players may be encountering while playing Destiny. The more recent additions include:

    • Issues impacting the Suros Arsenal Pack and Häkke Weapons Pack on Xbox platforms have been resolved. Some items may need to be re-installed.

    • Bungie is aware of qualified players reporting that they are unable to access VIP Rewards or the “Veteran’s Tour” Quest. We are currently investigating. For general questions regarding access to the VIP content, please visit this guided support page.

    • The Nightfall reward “Radiant Light” has been retired. In its place, Vanguard Streaks can be earned by players in Strike playlists for a chance at more rewards. For more information, follow this Help article.

    • We are investigating reports of players losing Armsday Orders when redeemed from the weapons section of Character Inventory. To avoid this issue, only redeem completed Armsday orders from the Gunsmith in the Tower.

The #Help forum is where Destiny Player Support and volunteer Mentors assist players in troubleshooting in-game issues, error codes, and bugs. We are here to help you play, but unlocking the secrets of Destiny is on you. The release of The Taken King introduced new ways to earn rewards in Destiny. Destiny Player Support will not comment on the discovery or execution of requirements for unlocking new gear, items, or quests. For assistance in becoming Legend, please visit the #Destiny forum. The truth is out there.

They really want to help you access the world of the game. They just don’t want to spoil any of the surprises that are secreted away in the landscape. Good hunting!

Rated M for Movie

Quest Details: Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the show.

Cozmo:  Movie of the Week has come again. Last week, the winner was selected from the Void persuasion of Guardians. This week, it’s all about that Arc. Our MOTW winners and Honorable Mentions will be earning an official MOTW emblem, as always. If want a chance to see your stuff featured here and win that loot, submit your video to the Creations page. No theme next week. It’s a free skate.

Now, let’s see what shocking video wins best in Arc show.

Movie of the Week: For casting those bolts.

Honorable Mention: How Oryx feels about your revival.

Honorable Mention: These beats are so fresh… snap!

Honorable Mention: For dark fan made lore.

Welcome to October. It's m'fave.

Take the weekend to prepare for battle. The most dangerous enemy in the world of Destiny is you, and players like you. We’ll be courtside for the Crucible fights next week.

We’ll also have some revelations about what else Year Two will hold for you.

DeeJ, out.
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