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King's Fall World First

It’s a total cliché for a broadcaster to marvel at a competition unfolding in real time and shout something stupid like: “You couldn’t write a story like this!”

Yet, that's exactly what I thought as some notorious jokers from this community led the charge to fell the Taken King in his own realm. These were dudes I know - people with whom I have shared beers and streams. Never did I think that they would band together to be the very first Fireteam to best Oryx. But that's exactly what happened.

What was most fascinating is that they did it live, on Twitch, as a combined audience of tens of thousands spectated and cheered. These are surreal times. We can put an entire community on a starting line, pop some popcorn, crack the pistol, and watch a team of streamers brave the darkness in real time.

It was a conquest that you could have witnessed from three vantage points, like a dream team with a full embedded press corps. For more than seven hours, they fought and riddled and died together. In the end, it was these few (these happy few) that crossed the finish line first.

Let’s see what they have to say for themselves, and for each other.

Congratulations on earning World First for King's Fall. How did you go about selecting the Raiders in your party?
Broman:  The folks on our team are all longtime friends or brothers for me! I've been playing with Gothalion and Teawrex since launch. We even did our first Vault of Glass clear together! Gunny, Rebelize, and Charionna were all viewers and supporters of our streams for a while, and we clicked with them the first few times we played.  At this point, I'd call everyone on the team a close friend I'd trust with much more than a Raid!

Preparation had to play a factor in reaching this summit so soon after launch. How did you get ready to face the King?
Gothalion:  Strikes. Strikes. Strikes. Grind up that light level. Outside of virtual gear score, forging a strong friendship with every member of the Raid group was the most important part. We're all buddies. We don't fight. We just wanted to have fun. I've been practicing fun for a long time. I think I have it mastered.

We might have witnessed a few moments that were as confounding as they were fun. What was the darkest and most hopeless moment of your quest to blast Oryx into orbit?
Teawrex:  I'd say it was when we were facing off against Oryx for the later part of our Raid.  Sometimes we could get the mechanics to work for us, and then sometimes nothing would work at all with seemingly no change in our strategy. Nothing can feel more frustrating than lacking a vital piece to a puzzle. We'd do fantastic damage during the phases where we were supposed to, then the next time we'd do almost none at all. Going back and forth between near perfect damage cycles to no damage done is brutal. Eventually we figured out that missing piece and killed The Taken King once and for all.

What would you say was the source of that unbreakable team spirit?
FallingCow (aka: Gunny):  We kept a positive attitude throughout the whole Raid. We never let the thought of getting World First weigh on our mind. Not only were we excited for new content, we were doing the Raid for our viewers so people who couldn't be home to play could watch the Raid, chill, and learn things so THEIR first trip into the Dreadnaught would be enjoyable!

Now that you've solved the initial riddles with your friends, would you try this Raid with randos you had never met before?
Rebelize:  In a month or two, I wouldn't mind running the Raid with people I've never met before. I think by that time, I'll be confident in my knowledge of the Raid enough to guide and coach people through it. Until then, I'd rather continue doing the Raid with my friends and just having a good time. 

What would you suggest to those players who have yet to attempt King’s Fall?

Charionna:  This is the same advice I’ve given players who ask me for help with Trials of Osiris: gear up, get a group you enjoy playing with, and practice. Without the right gear you simply won’t survive the Raid’s DPS checks and you’ll die too easily. Finding a group you enjoy playing with is key because group synergy is way more important than a single player’s skill, especially in a Raid that requires insane amounts of teamwork, communication, and coordination. Lastly, nothing comes without practice. Just because an encounter seems impossible, does not mean that it is. With enough patience and practice, I believe any group will be able to clear the Raid. Don’t forget that Destiny is a game, and games were made to be fun. Enjoy that fresh Raid feeling - it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in a game.

Cheers to everyone who has taken on Oryx. And congratulations to each Fireteam who has emerged from the Dreadnaught victorious. To those about to Raid, we salute you!

It should be noted that the competition for this World First title was fierce. In our next Community Focus, we’ll hear all about how VersustheStream defeated Oryx in the same hour.

The King is dead (long live the king).
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