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Community Focus - Lady Desiree

The Destiny Community contains an abundance of talented people. Some can draw/paint amazing works of Destiny related art, as shown in the results of our recent Art Contest. Others have a talent for creating entertaining videos that we like to show off in our updates as the Movie of The Week.

Today our focus lands on a Guardian who takes the epic scores from Destiny and creates her own arrangements as tribute. She has a music degree from Florida State University of Music and teaches at a piano studio with 50 students.  

Who are you and what class do you play as?

LD:  I am Lady Desiree (dez-er-ray, not to be confused with "desire,"): piano teacher, performer, composer, arranger and video game nerd. I combined my love of video games and piano to arrange video game music - with the music from Destiny being my main focus. I also stream Destiny gameplay on my Twitch channel, and streams of my music is coming soon. I started off as a Hunter, and though nothing is quite as satisfying as a good Fist of Havoc, the Hunter will always be my favorite.

How would you describe your role in the Destiny Community? Where can we find you?

LD:  If there is a role in our community for a musical, goofy, sarcastic YouTuber/Streamer, I suppose I would fulfill that! I absolutely love getting involved in Destiny Charity streaming events, so if there is a charity event I am usually involved in some capacity. You'll see me active on Twitter in the Destiny community @LadyDesiree00. I am usually streaming during the early afternoon or evening (eastern time) or you can go directly to my YouTube page where you can listen to my music and leave requests.

What is your favorite track from Destiny? Can we get an inside tip on what you will cover next?

LD:  That's easy, "Excerpt from the Ecstasy" is hands down my favorite. It was the first track I covered and represents a huge change in my life as I had recently gone through my father's death and the beginning of a divorce. That piece represents hope to me and I love it like no other video game musical theme (and I know a lot). I *still* get teary-eyed when I hear it while in Orbit. As far as what is coming next, I am hoping to cover some new Taken King tracks, but one track that I haven't covered yet that I definitely want to get to is "The Black Garden." That will be a tough one to tackle, but I'm excited. :)

What is your favorite Destiny moment?

LD:  When I finished getting my void kills done for my Thorn bounty I felt like I won the lottery. I was terrible at crucible at that point so it felt like a major achievement! I'm still terrible at crucible, but at least now I have the Thorn to help out, at least until it gets it’s much needed nerf. Then I'm out of luck.

You’ll always have the Piano. Do you write any of your own music?

LD:  I do. I have original songs and instrumentals. I am hoping to start writing for indie video games. Right now a portion of my music is at ReverbNation and I have some pieces on Spotify. I've also written an original intro for BelleBunny's channel and am hoping to write more for other YouTubers and streamers.

We look forward to hearing more. What are you looking forward to most in The Taken King?

LD:  The story, the music, and that Nightstalker’s Void bow looks really amazing.

It will be nice to see the Hunter become a support class, for sure. What can we do to better support artists like you?

LD:  I have already felt so much love and support from this community! I love comments and requests, so keep them coming on my YouTube page or on Twitter. I performed my piano arrangements at my first gaming convention recently and had a blast. I want to play at more so my fan base is really important to keep that going. I really appreciate all the support given already. I've said it many times and I’ll keep on saying it: the Destiny community is the best community out there.

Our community never fails to amaze us with how they find creative ways to utilize Destiny. We will continue to reach out and feature community members and groups who stand out. Maybe the next Community Focus will be you.

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