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Bungie Bounty - Dames of Destiny Edition

Back by popular demand, the Bungie Bounty is being reanimated this week. As always, we’re bringing along some friends, and putting a price on their heads. The Dames of Destiny will be joining us for the new tradition of venturing into the wild to be hunted. 

The Dames are led by Bellebunny, one of the charismatic co-hosts of Guardian Radio. They describe themselves as “a clan focused on keeping a fun, safe, supportive, and positive gaming environment for all of the female gamers out there.” This is not their first time showing up here on Go give their community focus write up a read for a more in depth look at their clan. But enough with the introductions. Let’s get to the details you want: “How do I find them and claim my prize?”

Wednesday, July 29th
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific
Xbox One

Matchmaking will choose who gets a shot at the emblem. Being selected is only the first step, you must still emerge victorious to claim your reward.  

If you seek that special emblem you will need to bring your “A” game. These dames are no strangers to the ways of online combat. Here is the hybrid team of Bungie community managers and the warriors from DoD. 

BNG Cozmo
Dames of Destiny:
HG x SkyHigh
missFortune 21

Please join us on Twitch to watch the crazy antics live.

Happy hunting!

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