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Bungie Weekly Update – 05/28/2015

This week at Bungie we presided over the Trials of Osiris.

In the previous edition of the Weekly Update, we talked more about new adventures to conquer alien enemies of Humanity. (And Awoken. And Exos.) Today, we’re delving deeper into the proceedings of Guardian vs. Guardian. If the Crucible isn’t your jam, you might want to scroll a bit, because court is in session.

If you stood Trial in the Burning Shrine, step forth to be counted.

3,798,561 = Trials of Osiris matches played

118,627,301 = Kills (or Deaths, if your glass be half-empty)

188,442 = Players visited the Mercurial promised land

299,001 = Guardians scored a perfect scorecard

It was a glorious battle. When we weren’t getting our heads caved in by the likes of you, we enjoyed the show. Both the victorious and the damned were tabulated.

This heatmap illustrates where Trials of Osiris combatants spent the most Time. The red zones were the target-rich environments where most of your fights took place. Perhaps you can remember a few heated exchanges in those tunnels.

While every target in Trials of Osiris was dangerous in their own way, it was those cursed Snipers that caused their unique brand of trouble for over-eager teams. This heatmap tracks the most popular perches for the sharpshooters who enjoyed ventilating helmets down long sightlines.

This is all well and good,” you might be saying. “But it would have been much more useful to have this information before the event started.

You've got a point, but the new Elimination gametype produced results we couldn't predict. There was no way for us to tell you where to shoot before this competitive event. To help you prepare for the next Trial, I messaged Senior Designer Derek Carroll for some tactical intel.

The following is a dramatic reenactment of our exchange:

To: Derek
From: DeeJ
Re: Trials, Week Two
Hey, can we reveal the next Trials of Osiris map in the Weekly Update?

To: DeeJ
From: Derek
Re: Trials, Week Two

To: Derek
From: DeeJ
Re: Trials, Week Two
C’mon, man. Brave warriors want to contemplate their strategies. Sweet loot is on the line! The public demands to know!

To: DeeJ
From: Derek
Re: Trials, Week Two

I tried, dearest Community, but Derek values the element of surprise in battle. Perhaps you’ll have better luck at prying revelations from his iron fist. You can find him on Twitter if you want to submit an appeal. He knows where your next shot at glory will happen.

Trials of Osiris will resume tomorrow at 10AM Pacific. All will be revealed.

Found Verdict: Guilty!

Not everyone became legend in Trials of Osiris. There were reports that some of you had your connections interrupted. We’re on the case!

*Stern tone of voice*

There were some among you who took nefarious action against your opponents. Our intrepid team of investigators has diagnosed the most egregious cheaters among us. If you earned your victories by sinister means, you may very well have also earned a temporary (or permanent) time-out.

Bungie is always watching. We enjoy a fair fight and we aim to protect the landscape of the game. Play nice!

*Reassuring tone of voice*

Some of you who encountered the #Olive error were not actually victims of shenanigans. You just ran afoul of a bug (it’s not your fault). As of this morning, that bug has been fixed. Your experience in the Crucible should greatly improve.

Iron Banner Strikes Back

Lord Saladin will be back in the Tower on Tuesday, June 2nd. He knows your PVP heart has been enthralled by the shiny lures of Brother Vance, so he’s bringing some new goodies to win back your love. Boots, Gauntlets, Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, and that elusive Etheric Light that you all crave...

They’ll all be in stock if you kick enough ass in Iron Banner to earn the right to do business with him.

Along with the launch of House of Wolves, Update also had some changes in store for Iron Banner. This is the first time they’ll take effect. Here’s a summary of what’s new:
  • Lower-ranked Guardians on your account will receive a reputation boost to catch up to your higher-ranked Guardian more quickly
  • Rewards cost less Glimmer - the grind is less real
  • Etheric Light is available for purchase at Rank 3 and Rank 5
  • The Gunsmith has inherited Lord Saladin’s weapon reforging service
  • Power still matters, and it matters a little more as the delta between two players increases
  • The Cauldron and Pantheon have been added to the playlist, along with Exodus Blue on PlayStation

You won’t need a scorecard for this one. Your reputation is what’s at stake.

Live Team Blotter

Whenever we release new content into the wild, we have a chance to learn something new about the Destiny player experience. House of Wolves has been no exception. We’ve been on high-alert ever since Petra Venj appeared again in the Tower to see if her banners yet waved.

We’ve introduced you to the Live Team at Bungie before. They operate outside the development of major releases. Their charge is the living, social world inhabited by the Guardians. They’re the watchful stewards – the engaged innkeepers of the place where our shared adventures rage.

You’ve had plenty to say about House of Wolves since we set you on the hunt. This is what the Live Team is talking about right now:
  • #Olive error codes and other Crucible disconnects (see above)
  • Mercury Emblems that don’t appear in inventories
  • Treasure Key famine, and the farmers who need relief
  • Ammo synthesis that piles up in your inventories
  • Quests, Ships, or Shaders not being granted by Prison of Elders
  • Encounters with known Prison inmate bosses

We’ll let you know how the conversation progresses. Update is the next vehicle for changes that will impact Destiny. Its shipping manifest is yet uncertain, but we’ll be sure to share the details as they come into focus.

Weeding Out Error Codes

Who guards the Guardians? Why, it’s the faithful teammates on Destiny Player Support. They tend to the garden on the #Help forum, weeding out issues and nurturing solutions.

DPS:  Over the weekend, Trials of Osiris players may have seen a new feature that helps keep you connected. Bungie has implemented a Connection Recovery state that attempts to recover the game state instead of returning players to Orbit. Read more about Connection Recovery and what you should experience when encountering this connection state. 

Some players in Trials of Osiris have not received their earned Osiris emblem and we are actively investigating. For other Trials of Osiris questions, we now have answers on our Guided Support page. If there is something you think needs added to the Guided Support page, let us know by posting in the Feedback forums.

Additionally, we are aware that players have reported issues with Critical Objectives in the Prison of Elders activity. Be sure to complete any Critical Objectives to continue advancing in Prison of Elders.

Finally, if any players need to report harmful (or helpful) players in game, we now have an article on how to report a player in game. The in-game report function is the best way to direct our attention to another player’s behavior in Destiny. Help us keep our game’s community great by reporting players for good or bad behavior. 

The situation is looking green. Sound off if you need #Help.

In space, no one can hear you scream.

This week, for something different, we’re hosting a silent film festival of sorts. Click the links to journey to a foreign land known as Imgur. 

WINNER: Nice shot! All of them!

Honorable Mention: Nice throw!

Now, we just need to identify these silent auteurs so we can give them some emblems to commemorate their work.

In closing this week, Bungie would like to give an official shout-out to the fine men and women at High Moon Studios. For a while now, we’ve kept our love secret, but it has become known that they’re working with us. Please join us in welcoming them to the party!

We’ll be back next week. Until then, be careful power-sliding into those zones. Your team will thank you.

DeeJ, out.
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