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Community Focus - Mr. Fruit

The Destiny Community manifests in a rainbow of vivid flavors. All together, they serve up a virtual buffet of carnage, mayhem, and insight. Some are sweet. Some are salty. There is even one that’s decidedly... fruity. If comedy and fun sound like your taste in player-created content, there is an entire nation that already agrees. Let’s ask him a few questions that he hasn't already answered on his channel.

Who are you? And, if you could be best friends with any one Tower vendor, who would it be?

MF:  It's certainly tough to nail myself down as a whole with a concise answer. I’m a gamer, an entertainer, a lover… a healthy part of every breakfast? The name's Mr. Fruit, let's leave it at that! 

It's not so much a vendor at the tower that I'd befriend. I'd prefer to introduce myself to that sweeping robot near the right hangar that everyone seems to disregard. Not only is he a lonely soul, but once the machines rise up and take over the world, I'll have an "in" with one of the leaders.

When you’re not preparing to receive of our broom-wielding Overlords, where can we find you?

MF:  I’m a content creator on YouTube! I spend the majority of my time making videos when I'm not working on my collegiate degree. I find great joy in making Destiny-related content for my viewers, whom I like to dub the "Fruit Nation." I try and focus on making people smile and remember to take Destiny lightheartedly. Additionally, I have a Twitter account, which I find is the easiest method for responding and interacting with viewers.

There are a lot of YouTubers who cover Destiny? What makes you unique?

MF:  I'm glad you asked that question! I like to focus on quick-cut comedic videos that try to shed a less serious light on Destiny. My channel is all about taking things less seriously, laughing, and just enjoying video games for the purpose of fun and amusement!

Taking into account a channel-wide taste test, what’s your own favorite video about Destiny?

MF:  That's not an easy call. I would have to say that I enjoyed making my infomercial on the No Land Beyond the most. The series is what started my channel and what a lot of people like to see from me. I was also really happy about the feedback.

MF:  It wasn't an easy call though, I love putting out all my videos, and a close contender would have to be the montages I've been producing lately. I think they embody my channel perfectly - some cool plays, a mix of fails, and some of my humor thrown in alongside my editing.

Our players have high standards. How have the trigger-happy Guardians form the Tower responded to your antics?

MF:  My favorite thing about the Destiny community has been their support! When you produce content like I do, you put yourself and your personality out there for people. I was surprised by how many people were so open and willing to check me out and support what I do - not to mention all the friends and people I've met.

What is your favorite thing to do in Destiny?

MF:  My favorite thing to do in Destiny would have to be PvP, which is probably why 90% of the content I produce is based on it. I've been playing Bungie games since Halo 3 (the first FPS I fell in love with). The game was great. Multiplayer was smooth. Mechanics were on point. And, most importantly, it was a ton of fun! That's what keeps me playing Destiny. The feel and flow of the game is amazing - definitely the kind of stuff I'm used to seeing from your studio. I also love messing around with different goofy setups in the Crucible to see how they work!

How can we make the game better for a player as fruity as you?

MF:  From a gameplay standpoint, any of my viewers would be quick to let you know what I'd like to see changed! One word: Shotguns. I know people have debated this since release, but nothing is more infuriating to me then dying to shotguns, and they're made even more powerful because almost every map tailors to their close-quarters play-style.

As far as helping from a content creator standpoint, I'd love to see some addition of a theatre mode, or a hudless mode, or a peaceful mode, or whatever you want to call it. Being able to freely move a camera with no HUD would be amazing!

We’ll certainly take that into account the next time we have a raging internal debate about how we invest our time and passion into the next Bungie games that we hope you’ll play – and talk about. Any final shout outs?

MF:  Thanks so much for your time and I hope to see you all in Fruit Nation and on the battlefield! Stay fruity!

We’ll do our very best.

If you’d like to get fruity, there’s a channel for that. Check out the comedic flavor of the Fruit Nation, and bring your sense of humor. Or, just wait around the corner with your shotgun. He's bound to come running around it soon, with a throwing knife in his hand and a smile on his face.
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