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Community Focus - Planet Destiny

The planets you explore in Destiny have their own unique flavor. The community is the same way. There are stars in the constellations you’ve built that are home to experiences as unique as the players who lead them. One of them is hoping that, if you pay their planet a visit, you’ll never want to leave. Let’s see how they’ll entice you to throw down some roots and stay for a while.

Who are you? If you could relocate to one planet in our game, which one would you choose?

PD:  My name is Ryan. I'm the Editor and social guy at PlanetDestiny. If I could relocate anywhere, it'd have to be Venus. It's really no surprise that humanity once considered it a paradise. Its scenery still looks amazing and I could see myself retiring there someday. 

Where are all the destinations where we can find you online?

PD:  We've got a presence on Twitter, Facebook, our YouTube, and, of course, the PlanetDestiny website. We reply to PD community members at each of these places, but Twitter is definitely the easiest way to get in touch.

Tell us about the role you play in the community?

PD:  Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for Destiny players. Whether you’re looking for weapon reviews, in-depth guides, game analysis, database information, more Guardians to play with, or helpful videos, our goal is to provide quality content for every Guardian.

We try our best to provide daily articles and videos, and we also have an incredibly easygoing community forum if you just want to kick back and chat with other like-minded people. 

What are the things on your site of which you’re most proud?

PD:  We've currently reviewed every Exotic that's currently available, from armor to weapons, and we've critiqued over 22 Legendary weapons so far. 

I'm also extremely pleased with our original analysis articles. These are in-depth pieces that delve into deeper issues, really investigating topics, such as burnout solutions, the role of a casual player, and the "RNG" system. We also have more lighthearted discussions like what to do after 32 or the top 5 Legendary fusion rifles.

What’s the most fascinating thing about the Destiny community?

PD:  For me, the most fascinating aspect about Destiny's community is the seemingly unwavering support that Guardians are willing to give. Whether it's an entire subreddit dedicated to helping with Raids or selflessly donating money for a good cause, there's so many awesome and friendly people in this community. 

Early this month we published an article titled Dissecting Destiny's Culture, and a quote from that article will help solidify my point:

Whether it's co-operative play in PvE or team-based PvP, most people are attracted to Destiny because they can enjoy it with friends. This creates a natural camaraderie among peer groups. Small peer groups tend to act like gravitational fields that draw more and more people in. They make outliers more comfortable in Raids and PvP teams, so individual players feel at ease to open up and become well-functioning members of the group, even when they’re pulling that trigger on the perfect shotgun blast to the chest.

What’s your favorite way to share the game with other people?

PD:  The great thing about having the content that we do is that it appeals to many different people. With so many people coming together on our YouTube channel and website, teaming up with new like-minded Guardians is very easy to do.

There are a lot of folks out there who don't necessarily have a team for raiding or friends to bring into a Control match, so it's always nice to see when people use our automated LFG tool to help fill their Fireteam.

What’s your wish for how we can make the game better?

PD:  We have a few articles outlining much more than this, but let me tell ya, I'd really like access to the Grimoire cards in-game. Just a few days ago we published an article that dug into ways to improve Destiny's story, and that idea resonated in many of the comments. I think it's practical, and while not a complete solution, it would help users understand Destiny's universe better. 

Other than that, we have an entire list of suggestions, but I'm glad that, with patch 1.1.2 and House of Wolves, the game will continue to evolve and improve. For anyone who's purchased the game recently, it's important to understand that Destiny isn't stagnant. 

There was a comment on one of our articles a few weeks ago that basically asked if I was "satisfied" with Destiny. I said that I wasn't. I said that I probably wouldn't ever be, because there will always be elements of the game that can be improved upon and refined. From what I can tell, Bungie isn't satisfied either, and is determined to make Destiny better.

At the end of the day, it's a learning experience for all of us. I'm just happy to be a part of it.

If your learning experience needs some more reading material, the shelves at Planet Destiny are stocked. What they have on display could keep you occupied for a good, long time. And, it sounds like the people are ready to keep you entertained for even longer.

Pay them a visit and add them to your starmaps.
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