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Community Focus - tripleWRECK

There was a time when video games were not a spectator sport. Aside from someone looking over your shoulder in a dusty arcade, our favorite pastime was a thing that we enjoyed alone. Thanks to magic of the Internet, we can share our favorite games with an entire nation of gamers. Streamers like tripleWRECK are happy to host that party. Let’s talk to him about why he battles Guardians and Raid Bosses in front of a live audience.

Who are you? If you could mount the head of any one enemy from the world of Destiny onto your wall, which one would you choose?

tW:  I'm just a guy who enjoys games, specifically Destiny, who has been given the blessing of streaming on twitch full-time. If I had the choice, I would definitely re-purpose a Servitor's head (which is the whole thing?) in my living room as makeshift disco-ball. Destiny has given me a new appreciation for the art of dancing after all.

We think sweet moves should include more than no-scopes. Where can we find a man of fashion and action like yourself on the Internet?

tW:  You can find me just about every day streaming at My small community (known as the WRECKnation) is super friendly so we always have a good time. I strive to be as interactive as possible, so come and chat about Destiny or whatever! If twitter is your thing I encourage you to hit me up at

Chatting AND kicking ass at the same time is one hell of a way to multitask. What do you like to shoot while you’re holding court with the WRECKnation?

tW:  I primarily focus on PvP, probably because I've always been competitive as a gamer (which began with Halo: CE back in the day) and in life. There's just a special excitement and energy that comes from facing real opponents win or lose. I look forward to the Crucible's offerings expanding into 2015 and beyond. That said, I've also done an extensive amount of raiding and, likewise, there is a unique thrill from experiencing Destiny's raids that remains unique.

If memory serves, you were the first streamers to end Crota (hard mode) on Twitch. Most people find a live audience nerve wracking. Why do you love it?

tW:  Having initially done YouTube for a time, streaming instantly appealed to me because of its social nature. Hanging out with others that share your passion and interacting in real-time is terrific. I've met some of my best friends through Twitch. It's the times when people tell me something like "your channel helped me get through a rough patch in life" that catch me off guard. It makes you stop and go "Wow!" Something I'm doing for fun had some kind of meaningful impact on another human being. It's humbling and puts things in perspective at times. I know when I'm not streaming, I'm usually watching and supporting other streamers because the community is so amazing. It's truly a privilege to be a part of it.

We’re trapped in an elevator, passing the time until our rescue with a conversation about what we do. I say something stupid like: “Why would I watch someone else play games?” Aside from choking me out between floors 15 and 16, what would you say?

tW:  Haha, not at all. It's a valid question from understandable skeptics. To be honest, I see being a streamer as a new generation of entertainer - different, but not dissimilar from the rise of YouTubers in the past decade. A live gaming stream is a form of TV show where you can tune in, interact with the broadcaster(s) and the audience, all live. Maybe you'll get to join in and play. Maybe you'll meet some new friends. Maybe you'll just have a laugh or learn something. At its best, streaming is a great place to spend your time, whether you're the one streaming or the one viewing/participating. I know when I have time to just kick back and relax, I go watch a stream rather than a movie these days. Super good times.

Super good advice, too. What can Bungie do to make those good times better?

tW:  That is a loaded question. Immediately, as a PvP player, I jump to private game support or the addition skill ranks/league play. I'd also like to see less special ammo, nerfing Final Round on snipers, tweaking shotgun perk combinations, and the removal of orbs from PvP to prevent super spamming. You did mean did mean 6 things right?

I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t pushed the boundaries. We want you always wanting more. Final question: Now that you have a price on your head, how do you think you’ll fare? 

tW:  I relish a challenge. The combined forces of WRECKnation and Bungie will take all comers in glorious battle.

We shall see. Tune in to the Bungie Bounty tomorrow night. On loan to the WRECKnation will be two our best Crucible testers. Should be a good fight, and always a good show when tripleWRECK is leading the charge. 

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