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Community Focus - TerraMantis

The Bungie community has always added their own flair to the things we make. Our games are better because of the voice of the player. This week, we’re focusing on a storyteller who has captured the mood of the world of Destiny.

The most recent Destiny Movie of the Week was created by TerraMantis. Let’s delve into his story.

What is your name? If you could have one piece of gear from Destiny to wear in real life, which would you chose?

TM:  Some people call me Steve. I'd say more people actually know me as TerraMantis. It's kinda weird.

As for the piece of gear, I’d have to take the Insurmountable Skullfort. I imagine I could easily pass for the long-lost, third member of Daft Punk. Clearly, I’d be welcomed into the group with open robot arms as long as I was wearing the Skullfort.

Aside from the ability to dress up like French rockstars, why do you play Destiny?

TM:  There are so many reasons I play Destiny: stunning environments, unrivaled shooting mechanics, slick movement in and out of combat, rich lore, raiding, and gear. More than anything, I play Destiny to hang out with friends while shootin’ some stuff.

Your film about Crota was AMAZING. Tell us a little bit about your creative process for sourcing all that content and creating your own narrative.

TM:  Thank you for the kind words, I worked my ass off on it. 

As for the creative process, I start by finding the characters I want to revolve around and what’s connected to them. In the case of the Crota video, I centered on Eris and Crota. After realizing the focus, I pull up the Grimoire in its entirety and search through every card concerning various topics linked to the characters.

After the searching and reading is complete I try to place everything into a chronological order. After I think I have a good idea to the flow of the timeline, I step back and I say “Okay, so what’s the real story here?”

For me, the story of the Moon in general, apart from Destiny, is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. It started as a mystery in the night sky invoking shamans’ tales of the universe, and has since become a triumph of human ingenuity and knowledge. I wanted to convey the idea that Crota took that triumph away from humanity. The Moon had once again become a place of mythos, ignorance and fear like the times of old. 

The story of the characters is a bit different though, the tale of Eris, Eriana, Toland, and Crota was one as old as time – like much of Destiny it was about light vs dark. More than anything it was about those important figures who look into the abyss and come face to face with true darkness.

That’s pretty deep. You’re quite the philosopher when it comes to game lore.

TM:  This Friedrich Nietzsche line comes to mind: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

I think this metaphorical sentiment is a perfect literalization of what happened to Eris. That’s what I thought was “the real story here,” and I tried to portray that as best I could.

What elements of the Destiny story do you want to learn more about?

TM:  Not very long after the launch of Destiny I would comment to my friends “Man, I love the lore and mystery behind Crota and Oryx, I want to learn more about them.” Well, since the Dark Below scratched that itch somewhat, I am still looking forward to seeing Crota’s father and King of the Hive, Oryx. More than anything I’m now looking forward to learning more about the Awoken in the Reef. I think the strongest part of Destiny’s main narrative was the player-character’s interactions with the Awoken Queen and her brother. I already know there’s a fantastic story there. If the House of Wolves expands on that, I’ll be a happy camper.

Camping is a legitimate strategy, so don’t let people shame you for that. Can we (please) look forward to seeing more videos from you in the future?

TM:  Yep.

Cheers on leaving your next moves up to the imagination, then. What is your favorite world to explore in Destiny?

TM:  I have to give it to the Moon as my favorite destination, simply from the standpoint of pure aesthetics. There’s something special about the Moon and its razor sharp lighting. That, mixed with the contrast of whites, blacks and a slight blueish hue, makes it my favorite place to just take in the surroundings. The Moon is visually stunning.

We should take you on a Ride Along to the Moon. I’ll bring a World Artist to show off some conceptual origins from our workbench. You game?

TM:  I'm totally game, sounds awesome.

It’s a date, then. We’ll announce the details next week. Dust off your Moon boots, because you’re headed back to the Hellmouth.

You haven’t heard the last from TerraMantis. While we wait for him to finish up his next video, we’ll take him on a ride to his favorite destination in the game. If you like his content, keep an eye on him on Twitter and YouTube. Follow him up! We certainly think he’s one to watch.
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