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Bungie Bounty - Invigorate Edition

Are you good at Destiny? Good like a boss? Think you can beat some of the most dreaded players in our community? We put a price on their heads, and you're invited to try and claim it.

Invigorate Gaming is a deadly team. They've carved World First status from every Raid boss that we've brought to life. Atheon? Check. Crota? Check. Sometimes on Normal. Sometimes on Hard. They hunt the big game and they take 'em down. You could say that this is a reverse Bungie Bounty, because now they're going to hunt you. 

For two hours, you are their final boss.
Wednesday, February 4th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4

The mission (as well as the platform) is chosen by the special guests. Invigorate likes Control, and they've been practicing - just like they do before a Raid. This time, the loot they fight for is an emblem of legends. If you can match with them, you'll have a chance of winning it, too.

In keeping with event rules, we're not just giving it away. You have best this team in honest combat:

Come and get some, if you dare. Don't wanna fight? You can watch. Bungie will stream the matches via Twitch.

*Disclaimer: DeeJ_BNG is not a member of Invigorate, nor has he ever world-firsted a Raid boss. He is on the team to serve as a boat anchor to give you a fighting chance. If your crosshairs fall upon him, please be kind.
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