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Community Focus: Destiny Public Events

You’re on Patrol in the wild, astride your personal vehicle. As you catch air off rises in the terrain, one eye tracks the enemies you’re dodging. The other is wide open in search of treasure.

Without warning, the sky darkens. The atmosphere boils to signal the impending arrival of a Public Event. Odds are, no matter where you thought you were headed, you’re changing course to tackle the new challenge as it falls from the sky. Or, perhaps you know that would happen all along…

Public Events are tons of fun, and any Guardian worth their Light knows their value. To satisfy a ravenous appetite for shared action and rewards, the Destiny community has banded together like a spy-ring to report, map, and perhaps even predict them. This week, we’re interrogating the cartographer.

What’s your name? What’s your site?

DPE:  Hi! My name is Christopher John. I'm a Software Engineer and I like to work on side projects like when I have spare time. I'm a lifelong Bungie fan. Halo was what inspired me to learn programming in the first place. The fact that the company who inspired my career is reaching out to me is very surreal!

What’s surreal is the ingenuity of a community that creates their own solutions to the challenges they face as Guardians. Tell us about What happens there?

DPE: is a website where Destiny players can go to find out when the next Public Event might occur. I say might because the events are not guaranteed. Like other random content in Destiny, it appears that Public Events are not exactly guaranteed to happen.

They’re guaranteed – just not at a moment of our choosing. So, when public events are hard to find, Guardians can rally on your site to figure it out?

DPE:  Exactly! If Guardians want to help keep the system accurate, they can help by clicking the "Thumbs Up" Icon as soon as a Public Event starts!

So what you’re providing is more interactive than a train schedule? Your offering sounds more like a crowd-sourced almanac of WarSats with a deteriorating orbit. How do you obtain and compile the data you provide to players in the wild?

DPE:  Initially, myself and a few other members of the Destiny community started sharing the times when we encountered Public Events. We noticed there was a pattern for when these events happened, so I wrote the first version of Shortly after the initial release of the website, users suggested that I create a voting mechanism so we could refine the times as much as possible. Now, when a user clicks "Thumbs Up", their report is logged in the database and website now automatically adjusts based on these user reports!

Sounds awesome. So where can we find that? (Editor’s Note: Asking for informational purposes only. I use this.)

DPE:  You can find the "Thumbs Up" icon to the right of the countdown time for each possible Event. If you're using the Android app, there is a little menu icon to the right of the timer that will bring up the Event menu.

What’s next for you? Got any other bright ideas for how to lead Guardians into the Light?

DPE:  For now, I'm going to continue to work on to ensure the most accurate times possible. I'm also going to be adding a few small but handy features, like displaying a Guardian's Faction/Vanguard/Crucible reputation, and other ”Tower-related” information.

What else can Bungie do to make you excited about developing for the community?

DPE:  I'd like to see some documented web service API's, but overall I think Bungie does a great job of supporting community developers. I'm looking forward to content expansions to see what other useful services I can provide to Guardians.

Check this out: That’s a group where the team talks to people just like you. If you’re a developer who wants to support our community, we want to know you.

Any final shout outs?

DPE:  I'd like to thank the and Reddit communities for all of their input. wouldn't be what it is without them!

The same could be said for just about everything that has to do with Destiny – including the game itself. Input and feedback make the world go round. When we all band together, we can almost predict the future, or at least the weather.
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