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Community Focus: MesaSean

One of the best things about the Destiny Community is that it supports itself. These acts of generosity go well beyond Guardians who arrive at Public Events to rescue their comrades from certain death. There a conversation away from the game to enjoy. Questions asked by players are answered by players. Tactical intel for how to survive in the wild is shared far and wide.

A great source for information you need to make your Guardian more powerful is MesaSean. He’s a newer face among the crowd that plays Bungie games, but his voice is worth hearing. And, as it turns out, he thinks the same thing about you.

Here he is exploring the promise of exotic weapons.

Here he is introducing the Queen’s Emissary.

And, here he is profiling the Factions of the City.

More than a soap box for gameplay details, the content on his channel is the sum of the chatter from a community. Let’s interrogate the curator and see how he creates his message with the people who listen to him.

Who are you? State your business?

MesaSean:  I’m Mesa Sean (a moniker based on my favorite guitar amplifier). I am an average gamer born and raised in Queens NY. I try my hardest to entertain people on YouTube, while helping them figure things out. They help me figure out things as much as I help them.

There are lots of YouTube channels about playing games. Why should we listen to yours?

MesaSean:  I am the quintessential Average Joe gamer. I have an odd, inquisitive, and quirky delivery to my content. I am exactly the same type of gamer as my audience. I learn, they learn; we all learn together. I also have a knack for breaking down complicated things so casuals like me can do well. Multiplayer is what I thrive on. I’ll show you how to take that “W” from the beasts or what to do in situations against really skilled players.

Tell us about your background as a gamer? What sort of games have you loved in the past? 

MesaSean:  I am obviously dating myself here, but I have been obsessed with gaming my whole life. It started with that fossil of a device known as the Atari 2600. I have always enjoyed first person shooter games that involve online multiplayer. Started with DooM in the 90’s and progressed through Call of  Duty then onto Killzone. I need to know that someone is on the other end of a game, when gunned down by me (or vice versa). Sounds twisted, but there is something invigorating about going against a fellow human behind a controller, as opposed to a bot set to a certain difficulty level.

It seems like our social game is right up your alley. This next question seems obvious, but what’s your favorite thing to do in Destiny?

MesaSean:  My favorite thing to do is play PVP multiplayer, play some more PVP multiplayer and then after that (you guessed it) play more PVP multiplayer. However, Destiny’s cooperative action has roped me in. This speaks volumes. I can sadly say I never once in my life played a single player campaign before. However, carrying out missions with friends, exploring the vast lands with clan mates, and meeting new people to do strikes are just oodles of fun.

Here is the most important question for any player of Destiny: Hunter, Titan, or Warlock? And why?

MesaSean:  Hunter, Bladedancer.  I need that pure speed and agility. If a Hallowed Knight is trying to club me over the head and misses, they won’t get a second opportunity. That goes for foes in the Crucible. If you are close to me with a shotgun and miss me, you will not catch me. You will be gunned down in a blaze of glory from a distance as I dance all around you.

What can we expect from your channel in the future?

MesaSean:  To keep doing what I am doing. My channel is evolving. It evolves from my subscribers and the Facebook PS4 Destiny community I started during the Destiny Beta. Although I love doing live Multiplayer commentaries the most, I want to bring to my audience what they want. They guide me. These will include weapon guides, more tutorials, news, and best practices. We can all get better together. Learn together.

If you want to be a part of this shared evolution, you should check out Sean’s native haunts. Look him up on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Don’t think of it as joining an audience, but finding a place where your voice can be heard as well.
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