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Preparing for the Destiny Beta

The Destiny Beta is imminent.  For you, hopefully that means snagging a code, redeeming it here on, and freeing up some time on your social calendar. 

For us, it means preparations…

Before the Destiny Beta officially begins, we’ll be inviting a small wave of trusted allies to help us warm up our systems in advance of your arrival. If you know a guy, you may see some early Destiny Beta activity in their recently played games history. If you don’t, you may see panicked Tweets and screenshots on the Internet proclaiming, “The Destiny Beta has begun!” 

Now that you have read these words, you know better. Don’t add your voice to the e-chorus. Remain calm. Set the record straight, even. We’re spinning up our engines and warming up our servers and systems, prior to lift off. 

The Bungie Beta officially begins on July 17th, as foretold by prophecy - and our official Twitter account. There isn’t a path that leads to this early testing phase. Please don’t beg us for codes, and please don’t harass the people you detect playing.

If you need a Destiny Beta code, or still need to choose your preferred platform, read up on the measures you can take to get ready.

See you soon!
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