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Happy Bungie Day

Happy Bungie Day. 

Like so many celebrations, ours has humble origins. If you're new to this party, you might find yourself wondering if Bungie is crazy enough to contrive a holiday to honor ourselves. The answer is "Yes!" But that's not how this tradition began. Let us roll back the years to a more innocent time. 

It was originally the Bungie Community who chose the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month to appreciate the hard working people and the explosive pastimes that brought them together. That spark of sharing touched off a blaze that has kept us warm ever since. Like the games we play and the company that makes them, Bungie Day has evolved since its sincerest inceptions. 

When the Bungie community does something awesome, it always inspires us. We thrive on nurturing those things. We grow them into something that everyone can enjoy. Over the years, we've come to use this occasion to unleash new ways for our community to interact.

This year, we find ourselves poised on the frontier of a whole new world to explore. We can only imagine what you'll do - together, as a community - when you pour into that place and make it your new home. How will you surprise us? How will you bring what we've created to life? How will you inspire us to build onto this brave new experience we have named Destiny. 

We'll find out. And we'll do it right soon. This Bungie Day marks the beginning of the final leg of the journey that leads us all to the Tower. We've got some glimpses into the Beta test that will unite all of us in the wild. We've unveiled some of the first items of loot that you can add to your permanent collection.

And how about you? What would you share on Bungie Day? How will you choose to unleash the voice of that Guardian you have buried deep down, yearning to sound a barbaric war cry into the darkness? 

Share with us your creativity. Bungie Day originated your voice after all. As always, we're here to take what you have to say and make it just a little bit louder.
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