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Pardon Our Dust

For years now, the Bungie Store (in its current form) has served us well. We’ve put a lot of shirts on a lot of backs, and equipped you with the gear that you’ve needed to tell the world that you’re hip to our plans for world domination. 

As always, things can get better. We can imagine a Bungie Store that is bigger, faster, better, stronger, and has even sweeter loot on display. To make that happen, we’ll need to close it down for some super serious renovations.

This is your last chance to get your hands on what we have in stock before we re-open. We’re locking the doors and papering the windows this Friday at Midnight PST.

Soon after, we’ll unveil the new and improved Bungie Store, and invite you in to browse our wares. Stay tuned. Like many things at Bungie, we’re getting ready for a new generation of adventure. You’ll have a chance to gear up before yours begins.
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