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Community Focus: My Name is Byf

A good, strong community needs a vivid landscape with many archetypes to keep it vibrant. There are pundits who offer up their opinion. There are the lurkers who silently drink in the information they crave. There are warlords, trolls, webmasters, moderators, and basic clowns. Sometimes, there are even journeymen like this guy, who seems to pop up just about everywhere you look. 

Who are you? And what’s your business as a member of the Destiny Community?

Byf:  My name is Byf. [Editor’s note: That’s pronounced “bife,” like “strife.”]

Call me “Biff” and you shall suffer the wrath of my solar flares.  I’ve been called many things, such as a "beautiful creature" and “too sexy for my voice.” You can thank MoreConsole and Fantastic Jackie respectively for those insightful comments.

In the Destiny community, my business changes every week. One week, I’ll be doing my own news show. The next week, I might be contributing to any number of podcasts or working on a new series with my co-hosts spidermancy612 and Canable423.

If I had to mention the business that matters most to me, it would be my new show called Inside Destiny Weekly as well as my Fan fiction series called Tales of the Traveler.

You’re all over the place. Where’s your base of operations? That place on the Internet you call home?

Byf:  Does an adventurer ever stay in a single place? I have many places that I can be lucky enough to call home and those places are filled with many a friendly face. My main outlets of content on the internet are on YouTube and Twitter.

YouTube is especially important to me, my channel has been a part of my life for almost four years and as a result I’m very attached to it. I used to almost exclusively do Halo content and had some success within the forging community. When Destiny was announced, I just couldn’t resist the lure of the mysterious new universe that was on offer. I had to launch my player ship and chase the dream with the rest of this amazing community.

Seems as if you’re a man of many affiliations. Where else might we find you sitting in for some community jam sessions?

Byf:  Well I don’t know about jam sessions. I have no musical talent whatsoever. I do, however, have many friends, for which I am exceedingly fortunate. Amongst them of are the fine folk over at Destiny Dispatch, for whom I am Chief Videographer. I was one of the people responsible for the creation of a certain community thank you video that we put together.

The true place where I jam is undoubtedly Guardian Radio. Every week, I stay up and podcast with the guys and gals there. The audience we have is phenomenal. It makes me look forward to every show. The cast we have is incredible. If it wasn’t enough to have three industry veterans and an employee of NASA as colleagues, surely the incredible Beard of Watts would be.

As a man who gets around, what do you think is driving such rapid growth for a game that is not released?

Byf:  Honestly I think it’s a three-fold success story in the making. Firstly, we’re all attracted by the mystery that Destiny offers. There’s something so intangibly beautiful about being the first to tread on a certain frontier. Secondly, the game for many is sort of a dream - an open world FPS, RPG with competitive multiplayer, deep lore and an amazing living world. Finally, and most importantly, the community. It’s awesome!

Well, we’re not willing to celebrate a success story just yet. We might do that when we finish the game and put it in the hands of players. When that time comes, what will we find you talking about in all the usual places?

Byf:  I’ll be creating a whole bunch of content for Youtube. Whilst the podcast and my weekly Dispatch work will be mostly unchanged, I look forward to making tutorials and guides to the competitive and cooperative elements of Destiny. I’m also a huge nut for the lore, so you can expect to see me working on some neat stuff to explain the deep mystery behind the game. It’s something I’ve done before, so I feel confident about speculation.

I’ll also be playing the game with my own posse of friends that I have come to call Fire Team Valiant, but I’ll talk more about that later on my channel.

Opinion Lightning Round!

Hunter, Titan, or Warlock?

Byf:  Warlock… I can snap my fingers and set you on fire… can a Titan do that?
Story or Competitive?

Byf:  Why not have both? Variety is the spice of life.

Earth, Moon, Venus, or Mars?

Byf:  If Venus is filled with universities, and those universities are anything like my current university, then there will be beer, beautiful women, and more loot than I can fit in my two hands at once.

Sadly, aside from the intrepid vegetation, not much survived when the collapse of the Golden Age reached Venus. There will, however, be loot. To score that loot, we need Guardians. We need players to infuse those destinations with life again. Will you be one of them? Byf will, for sure, and his is just one story that we’re looking forward to following this September.
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