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Community Focus: Datto Does Destiny

The Destiny Community promises to be an interesting place because of its diversity. Without the game even released, Destiny has brought an interesting blend of gamers together in speculation and anticipation.  Battle hardened veterans of the Halo Nation are being joined by fresh recruits who are looking forward to delving deeply into their first Bungie game for new reasons. The pressure is on for us to create something that they’ll all find worthy of their passion.

One of the newer voices in the conversation about Destiny belongs to a gamer who calls himself Datto. He’s no stranger to using magic as a weapon, which makes him an obvious friend of the Traveler. As any self-respecting YouTuber does these days, he’s gone to the effort to introduce himself to you using video. 

Fair Warning: He speaks a language that might be foreign to shooter connoisseurs.
PVE = Player vs. Environment (what you might call Story)
PVP = Player vs. Player (what you might call Multiplayer)

With the translations out of the way, meet Datto.

Your video does a great job of painting a picture of your background. Given so many gaming interests, what has you the most excited about Destiny?

Datto: The MMO-like aspect of the game. I've been an avid MMOer and I was a hardcore World of Warcraft raider (top 20 US, top 50 world for a while). Unfortunately, real life happened, so I no longer have the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding. However, Destiny appears to fulfill my desire for a challenging "MMO" PvE environment without the 4-5 hours a night, 5 days a week mandatory schedule, although I'm sure I'll still end up spending that much amount of time playing anyway. Finding the best guns and gear, meeting new people, that's what I'm looking forward to.

Earning gear and meeting people are both on the menu in Destiny, and you won’t need to spend your entire life at the table to enjoy them. Of all the activities that we’ve teased, which ones do you think will appeal to your moods as a gamer?

Datto: Strikes and Raids for sure. Anything that involves getting the best stuff. I love a good boss fight and after completing an NG+ run of Dark Souls. I'm looking for more challenging content. Learning the patterns, finding out the best strategy, min/maxing gear and focus, but most of all, getting that sweet, sweet loot.

It’s obvious that Destiny won’t be your first experience creating a unique character and playing a specific role in the heat of battle. Can you predict yet which Guardian you’ll embody?

Datto: I'll be rolling an Exo Titan first. I love being on the front lines, I always end up leading the way for my teams in most games I play. I've been playing melee only characters in MMOs for the past 10 years, being up close and personal is the only thing I know. I love using shotguns, I'm always an engineer in Battlefield for blowing up walls and vehicles, so I think the Titan role fits me perfectly.

You’re clearly a gamer who chooses your company very carefully. How will you go about assembling raiding parties to tackle the endgame content for Destiny?

Datto: As a raider, party composition is very important. You most likely don't want all of the same class in a party. However, I prefer good people synergy over good team composition. I'll take the worst team composition with my friends over the best team composition with strangers any day. Teamwork makes the dream work.

When you daydream about kicking ass in our living, social world, what’s missing from your mind’s eye? What do you want to know more about Destiny?

Datto: We've heard close to nothing about Raids and I'd really like to know more. How intricate are the boss fights going to be?  How many Raids? How long are they on average? I live for end-game content. It’s the number one most important thing to me in buying a game, especially MMOs, by a long shot.

This is the part when I assure the old guard that Destiny is NOT an MMO. Just calm down, everyone! We’re making an action game that just happens to appeal to raiders in some interesting ways. Back to you, Datto. What do you predict will happen when we drop our shooter players into this brave new world?

Datto: I'd like to think that most players will be very cooperative. I always try to be as helpful as possible in any game I play. PvP is another story, but imagine a highly cooperative community in the open world. There's no reason not to be helpful to others.

We can only hope that they rise to the occasion. In closing, tell us a great war story. What’s been your finest moment of triumph as a player of games?

Datto: The first time I ever killed Ragnaros in World of Warcraft. Raiding was stressful at times, but nothing beats the screaming of teammates after getting that first kill. I've killed many, many bosses, but nothing has even come close to the excitement and thrill of Ragnaros. I want that thrill again.

Like we said, the pressure is on, but we accept the challenge. Please join us in welcoming Datto to the community, everyone. He’s got all kinds of insightful stuff on his YouTube channel, and (if we do our job) there will be much more to come once we launch the game. It will take all kinds of gamers to help us all understand the paths that lead to becoming a legend in Destiny. We’re thrilled to throw this one into the mix.
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