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Community Focus: That Destiny Blog

We’ve covered a lot of ground in 2013. Introducing the world to a new Bungie game has taken us far and wide – from the sunny shores of Los Angeles to the dark and stormy streets of London. We’ve seen a lot of strange things, and met fascinating people. We’re so glad for the chance to have made new friends that we’re introducing you to them, one at a time.

Out there in the wild, we came to discover on our travels, there is a Destiny blog. Today, as we cast a look back at the calendar year, we’re calling out its writer. This may leave you asking “Which Destiny blog?” to which we would answer “That Destiny Blog.” 

Confused? You need not be. All will make sense as you continue to scroll.

Who are you? Who goes there? What’s your business?

Fran:  Hello there! My name is Fran, but many know me as ShadE. I’m a lover of all of Bungie's creations. I'm also the owner of You can also follow me on Twitter: @ShadEO9.

ShadE it is, then. We prefer your gamer name to your real name, for all the best reasons. 

ShadE:  Me too! I think I may change my name permanently! 

Tell us more about you as a gamer? Why do you play games? What’s your favorite thing about entertainment that requires you to play a role?

ShadE:  It all started for me as a child, sharing my first games console with my older brother. We used to spend all our time gaming together, competing in any title put in front of us. Since then, I’ve always shown a real interest in gaming technology and how things are made. With Halo, Bungie set the mark for me to explore games like I’d never done before. Something changed for me there and then. The rest, as they say, is history! I know Destiny will continue to fuel that gaming geek inside of me.

Tell us what we might find if we read That Destiny Blog of yours.

ShadE:  ThatDestinyBlog gives me the freedom to speak directly to the community, sharing my excitement for the release of Destiny. I aim to keep everyone in the loop with the very latest Destiny news and info, a lot like a huge Destiny news feed if you will. I share a variety of work from some of the finest members of the Destiny community, whilst adding my own two pennies/cents, of course! 

That’s valuable currency. News is just regurgitated fact without the addition of your ideas and feelings. Now that we’re talking all about you, what’s the biggest promise for Destiny that you want us to keep?

ShadE:  Destiny looks set to be an outstanding gaming experience, one of which I know I will lose many a day exploring, both alone and with friends, I just can't wait to get out there and get hands on it with the community!   

We also see the community as a crucial ingredient in the Destiny experience. After all, what’s the point of becoming legend if there is no one around to ogle your sweet gear? What are you doing to prepare your site for that glorious moment in which we’re all strutting our stuff in the Tower?

ShadE:  I'm currently refacing the site and making it look much prettier. Behind the scenes, I have a lot of big plans in the making, bringing over a forum and a live chat box to name but a few. When Destiny is released, I hope the site will continue to grow. The amount of support shown already is overwhelming.  

Picture yourself in the world of Destiny. Where are you? What are you doing?

ShadE:  Wherever I’ll be, I know it will involve lots of exploration, plenty of juicy weapons, a huge group of us, and plenty of dancing. Yup, you hear me right, Dancing!  

You’re about to answer the most important question of your life. Close your eyes and take a deep breath: Titan, Hunter, or Warlock?

ShadE:  I was instantly gripped by the Hunter class. That hooded cloak look really got my attention. It’s almost mysterious. But, just recently, the Warlock has caught my eye. The more I see of each class, the more undecided I become. They all look too awesome to pick just one! 

Destiny will be all about making the tough choices. Fortunately, there will be a big conversation swirling around this game to help us decide which kind of legend each of us wants to be. With people like Shade lending their voice, the dialogue should be lively. 
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