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Community Focus: Desti-Nation

If the only voice talking about Destiny belonged to Bungie, our community would be a lonely place. The conversation about our next game is fueled by a riot in progress. We find that humbling, frightening, and energizing. From time to time, we single out one of those voices and focus all our attention on it.

This week, we talked to a gamer known to other gamers as Fraser. He runs his own outpost where he catalogs everything being discovered in our brave new world. Join us as we shake him down for information, and see what he has to say for himself.

Who are you?

Fraser:  Hello there! My name is Fraser, I'm a long time Bungie fan and owner of the website

Well shucks, thanks for saying so. And yes, we see what you did there. Destination. Desti-Nation. Clever. How’s that working out for you?

Fraser:  Desti-Nation is a conduit for Destiny news and information from around the interwebz. I post Destiny information daily via my Twitter account @Desti_Nation7 and will be doing walkthroughs/gameplay videos/anything on the Desti-Nation YouTube channel when Destiny launches.

Sounds like you’re well prepared for your chance to play our game. What platforms do you think you’ll use to launch yourself into the world of Destiny?

Fraser:  I was lucky enough to get both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Having played on both consoles, I can say that they’re both incredible pieces of hardware, and I look forward to playing Destiny on both of them. The ability to live stream via the PS4 is awesome!

Before you use those shiny new boxes to play our game, you’ll have to warm it up with some launch titles. What’s spinning in your tray right now?

Fraser:  I've managed to finish Ryse: Son of Rome for the Xbox One and thoroughly enjoyed it. For the PS4, I have played some Killzone and Resogun. Two visually-stunning (and very fun) games.

Good to know. We do love feedback from players in the field. What can we look forward to from your analysis of Destiny?

Fraser:  I'm a huge fan of games with a rich story-line. Going by previous Bungie games, I’m certain I won't be disappointed. I will be analyzing everything, especially the Traveler.

As shall we all. Is that what you look forward to the most when you imagine yourself standing in the Tower? Will it be your primary mission to discover the secrets of that enigmatic sphere?

Fraser:  I am most looking forward to investing my time in creating a legendary Hunter and being immersed in this incredible new world that's being created. I see many epic adventures ahead of me.

It may well be that one of your Hunter’s adventures will propel it headlong into an epic Nova Bomb let slip by my Warlock. Time will tell. Of all the questions about Destiny that remain in your mind, which one burns brightest?

Fraser:  I'd like to find out more about the competitive multiplayer and how it will work in Destiny. Let's not forget the Vanguard, I must know more!

And you shall! In time, of course. As much as we look forward to answering those questions for you, the best explanations will be the ones that provide through your multi-channel internet presence. We’ll keep an eye on you to see what you have to say. In the meantime, stay hungry for information, and keep telling this story in your own words.

Fraser’s site is just one destination in a sprawling community. Every day, that gathering of Guardians seems more worthy of defending our last safe city. At Bungie, we see you setting up your respective camps outside the wall, and we’re working on making a game that’s worthy of all this anticipation.
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