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Bungie Weekly Update - 11/29/2013

This week at Bungie, we are thankful.

As these words manifest as pixels on our blog, our studio is quiet and dark. This place, usually so alive with activity and bustling with the frantic energy of creation, is in slumber. Our team has scattered across the globe to spend quality time in the arms of family and friends. Each of us will be grateful for unique things in our lives, but there are reasons to be thankful upon which we can all agree.

We’re thankful that we have a chance to put our talents to something we find meaningful.

We’re thankful that our passions are recognized and so deeply rewarded.

We’re thankful for risk, and the chance to dream about the impossible.

We’re thankful for a clean foundation onto which we can build a brave new world.

We’re thankful for new and sharper tools to help us get the job done.

We’re thankful for a chance to learn and to grow under the challenges that we face every day.

We’re thankful for the people who keep our front door safe.

We’re thankful for refrigerators stocked with energy drinks, and cabinets brimming with cured meats.

We’re thankful that every member of this team can make a meaningful contribution to our work.

We’re thankful for mighty partners to help us tell this new story to the world.

We’re thankful for the chance to make new friends, and delight the old.

We’re thankful that we’re making a game that we want to play, every day.

We’re thankful for each other, and the way we inspire one another to do our best work.

We’re thankful to have come to a place where fans can become employees.

We’re thankful for the ancients who forged a legacy, the newbies who are carrying it forward, and everyone in between to remind us of what’s at stake.

We’re thankful for those rare moments in which we can make the real world a better place.

We’re thankful for the gamers who keep this industry alive.

We’re thankful for a community whose raw and unbridled enthusiasm drives us to create something worthy of it.

And, we’re thankful for a little time off – a break from all this action, and a chance to spend it with our other families and friends. Our team will be back next week, along with another proper Bungie Weekly Update. Until then, we take some time to reflect on our good fortune, and the rare opportunities that lie before us.

Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are.

Love, Bungie.
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