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Pumpkins of Legend

In Bungie’s neighborhood of the global village, we enjoy a celebration known as Halloween. To punctuate the reaping season, we take on the form of our favorite characters, raise our blood sugar through the roof, and set fire to mutilated vegetables. It’s all highly bizarre, which is why we love the occasion.

To get everyone into the spirit, we’re hosting a contest. The trick is to carve a pumpkin. The treat is a code that will enable the winners to register for the Destiny Beta.

To participate, follow these steps:

1. Acquire a pumpkin (through legal means).

2. Browse this gallery for inspiration.

3. Add a cutting tool to your inventory.

4. Stab the pumpkin repeatedly, until it resembles something from the world of Destiny.

5. Take a picture, and upload it somewhere.

6. Share your work in the comments below, or on Facebook.

On Sunday, October 27th, we’ll create a Facebook gallery with finalists chosen by us. On the day after Halloween, the seven sculpted creations with the most Likes will win a Beta Code.

Scare up some elbow grease and get to work.
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