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Community Focus: Destiny Dispatch

Pay a visit to Destiny Dispatch, and you’ll find a group of people chasing their way into the center of the storm that's gathering around Bungie’s next game. Their online tower is like air-traffic control. Their team peers into every outlet of this growing community, spanning every medium where information about Destiny can be found.

A quick glance at their site reveals a collection of paths that lead to anyone that is talking about Destiny. Even us! This selfless amplification of voices makes them a great resource for anyone in the Destiny Community who doesn’t want to miss a thing that people are saying about this work in progress.

This week, they gathered a literal mob of those voices and conducted them in a chorus of sharing and caring. Without warning, it exploded in the twitterverse like a sneak attack launched from every front we had documented, and a few that were yet unseen by us. That swarm of anticipation and enthusiasm was enough to make us blush, and make us worry about their capabilities to ambush us with the brute force of a united community.

To gather intel on this growing threat, we tricked them into populating their own dossier. We didn’t even need to bug their homes, like we did to those ne’er-do-wells from

Tell us about Destiny Dispatch. What is your mission? What are your demands?

DD: We’re a group of five people, dedicated to making sure that everyone in the community shines as brightly as they can, letting people view it through the focused lens of our web presence. Our service is promotion, ensuring that as many creative minds as we can find get the recognition they so rightfully deserve, as well as networking and connecting the community through friendship and projects.

Sounds dangerous. No one site should have that much power. We’ll need to keep a close watch your base of operations. Where can we find you?

DD: Better question: Where can’t you find us? 

We’re on, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Xbox Live, and we have our very own home on the vast interwebs. You can find each of our individual talents and contact information on the Team Page.

The combinations of your special abilities have enabled you to achieve things you could have never pulled off alone. Fortunately, your goals of breeding community among gamers seem benign. What does the notion of a shared world mean to you?

DD: The purpose of gaming community is togetherness, working toward a common goal, facing common problems, and sharing common stories. In terms of playing games, the concept of community means potential. The greater the community, the more opportunities for both player and developer. To us, community involvement in playing games is key. If you don’t have a good community to back a game, who’s got your back when you’re surrounded by enemies? When the last magazine in your rifle plummets to the ground? A big, friendly community makes a game fun, more enjoyable, in our eyes.

It’s dangerous to think about you gaining any more momentum, but we have to ask about recruitment. What would you say to someone who loves games, but claims no allegiance to a community?

DD: We might say that they’re still a part of the wide and strong structure of the gaming community just by playing games, interacting with other people, and adding their personal uniqueness to the worlds. There is something for every play style and focus, and if it isn't there then maybe that is your cue to make it happen!

If you learn to harness the power of those who don’t even know about you, we’ll have no choice but to nuke your site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. Until then, what are you looking forward to seeing when we actually get to play Destiny together?

DD: Every community winds up with its quirks, inside jokes, moving scenes, favorite characters, even popular references everyone gets. In short, we’re looking forward to the unique Destiny culture that will emerge thanks to the game, Bungie’s interaction with the community, and the community’s reaction to all of it. We’re also looking forward to the functionality of the mobile app and how it is going to keep us connected to the game and each other.

Let’s talk about the game. If we let our guard down, or accidentally ingested some of our truth serum, what would you want to know about Destiny?

DD: Story, story, and more story. We want to find out the characters, the plot, the villains. The whole thing. But we know, good things take time.

Good things also come to those who wait. The story is a mystery for you to devour. We’re not about to chew your food for you. What do you have planned for the time when we’ll finally serve up this banquet of action and adventure?

DD: In the short term, we want to make sure everyone who participated in the #ThankYouBungie project knows how much we appreciate their help - especially our partner, My Name Is Byf (@InsideDestiny), without whom the video would not exist.

Long term, we'll continue our weekly Dispatches and our podcast, and the grand opening of our YouTube channel just on the horizon. We'll look for new ways to partner with and befriend community members and leaders. Oh, and we might have a comic series on the way... We call it Fireteam Grisly; have a tease or two!

We love it when you tease.

Destiny Dispatch is at your service. For now. Enjoy the hard work they’re putting into keeping us all on the same page. There will come a time when we are forced to dismantle their command with extreme prejudice. Enjoy it while it lasts. We'll be watching.
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