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Mail Sack, Sacked!

The letter carrier has no official credo. Their legend, however, is as constant as the northern star. No matter what befalls your community, the mail will flow. The Guardians of your most treasured correspondences will deliver. Inscribed on the General Post Office in New York City, you’ll find that old familiar saying:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

That’s impressive. You have to admire their bravery. Of course, that list of obstacles doesn’t mention anything about attending two gaming conventions in one week, or international missions of love and carnage, or battling Rixis the Archon Slayer in front of seemingly endless crowds of European gamers at gamescom. At Bungie, we wrestle with our own beasts. This is not a knock against the real mail carriers. They are badass in their fortitude. We can only pretend to be like them once a week.

But not this week. And not last week, either. Cry pardon.

The Mail Sack will be back next week. Truth be told, it’s almost fully baked, but “half-done” is never something we let escape the door at Bungie. Gamescom was a whirlwind. PAX is upon us. We’ve become swept up in the currents of this season. There are too many faces passing through town for us to sit and write responses deserving of your questions born of the forum.

As the world starts to feel smaller, the Bungie Community is starting to feel larger. In the wake of our travels, it's spilling over the borders that once contained it. As we start to speak their language, we're able to welcome new gamers to join our city of Guardians in waiting. With new technology coming online, we can wrap our arms around this brave new world wherever we find ourselves exploring it. It's an exciting time to be part of the Seventh Column, even if the mail is on back order.

If you'll excuse me, I have a date with a few of you. Next week, we return to business as usual. That includes a retelling of the story that has unfolded over these past two weeks.

Enjoy the long weekend. Expect the completion of our appointed rounds to resume soon.
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