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Community Focus: Destiny Updates

Waiting for a game you want to play can be tough. We know that. You see the shores of a world you want to visit, and then we tell you that the beaches have yet to open. There are high tides and low tides for information. In between the big waves, gamers can get thirsty for updates.

Some members of the Bungie Community spend that time asking “Are we there yet?” Others among you don’t ask questions – you look for your own answers. This week, we’re focusing on a YouTuber who acts like an investigative reporter when he contemplates Destiny. The brave new world of our game is the site of an unsolved mystery, and he’s a detective on a mission.

Tell us about yourself, eager gumshoe. Who are you? What’s your history as a gamer?

DU: My name is David. I'm an avid gamer and a huge Bungie fan.  The first Halo game I played was Halo 2 (sorry, not a CE veteran). It was the first game I really fell in love with.  From there, of course, I played all the Halo games, loving each one.  At some point, I started branching out and enjoying a wide variety of games.  I really enjoy open world RPGs, other First Person Shooters, Strategy games, some MMOs, Adventure games, and of course, Indies.   I definitely love being immersed in Fantasy or SciFi worlds (in games, books and movies), exploring them, learning their history and lore, etc.

How would you describe Destiny Updates? What service do you provide to the Destiny Community?

DU: Destiny Updates is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing the latest news and information on Destiny.  I also analyze trailers and other things to try to find hidden details. I include a lot of my own speculation as well, which my viewers seem to love.  Basically, my aim is to make it very easy for people to keep up with Destiny, and make the wait for its release a bit less painful. Instead of scouring the internet and reading through long articles, you can just watch a few quick, and hopefully entertaining, videos. 

You make some wild guesses about what we’ve shown you so far. Do your viewers weigh in on some of your more random hunches?

DU: I try to keep my guesswork grounded in reality, but I suppose I may get excited at times. When things aren't yet fully explained, our imaginations like to fill in the gaps.  The answer to your question is yes. Definitely. I'm always reading comments and taking in the opinions of my viewers. Recently, I started a series dedicated to just that. It's called “Dear Traveler,” and it’s all about the community's ideas, hopes, and wishes for Destiny. 

What are the missing clues about Destiny that tickle your curiosity the most?

DU: How can I possibly narrow it down to one thing?!  There's always the release date. “Are we there yet?”

We were off to such a great start. Don't make me kick your ass.

DU: In all seriousness, I suppose a major one would be if players on different platforms could join up together.  I think that would be an amazing feature to bring the community together, and possibly even lessen console wars (yeah right).  Another one would be a PC release (not necessarily on launch day, but hopefully at some point).  Again, I'm all about bringing more players together to enjoy Destiny, from all different platforms.  I already know that Destiny will be an amazing game, so those types of question matter more to me than normal gameplay elements. 

Someday, solving the mysteries will be a hands-on experience. Once rampant speculation gives way to sweet gameplay, what will you talk about on ‘Updates?

DU: There will always be news to cover: game updates, DLC, and, of course, future titles.  I think news and information will remain the "core" of the channel.  Besides that, I believe that a game as big as Destiny will have no shortage of great videos to make once the game has been released.  Exploring the world and showing off what it has to offer, walkthroughs on how to achieve things, hidden secrets and Easter eggs, top ten funny or awesome moments. The list goes on and on.

Your first official act of business as a Guardian will be to create a character and choose a class. Which class will you choose? 

DU: I've honestly not been able to decide!  They all seem so awesome, it's just really difficult.  I'll probably need to wait for more info before making that decision.  

Fair enough. A good detective needs facts. Once you’ve given form to your hero, where will you take him (or her) first?

DU: I guess I'd be most excited to find some more beautiful vistas like we saw in the gameplay demo and just sit and stare.  Then I'd go send some Fallen souls into the abyss.  Also, Super Good Advice always seemed like an awesome gun, I may try to find that.

You’ll have no shortage of awesome guns to find. A man with your drive for the truth and attention to detail should have a great time seeking out glorious treasures.

Final Question: What would you ask a Bungie employee if you were stuck with them in an elevator?  Remember, if you get too pushy for information, the wait to be rescued could be Awkward!

DU: Well seeing as that employee probably can't say much, I would likely ask something more general. like:  Overall, do you think fans will spend more hours in competitive multiplayer?  Or in the Story modes?  And then I might ask something more cliché like: What's the most awesome part of working at Bungie?

We all have our own reasons.  I’m biased, but I think the hyper-curiosity of our vocal community is a great thing about working on this project. Not everyone has such a loud cheering section while they do their work.

That’s why we focus our telescopes to take a look at the points of light in the constellations in the sky of the Bungie Community. We’re watching these people shine. You should, too. We’ll keep making this game until it’s ready for you to play. In the meantime, it’s nice to know that people like David from Destiny Updates is ready to play it.
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