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Challenge Accepted: "Look who's playing Destiny."

When Destiny sets sail on the high seas of the video game marketplace, Bungie will be casting a wider net than ever before. We're developing for platforms that represent uncharted waters. We're reaching out to fresh fish who have yet to succumb to our lures. We have a new compass, a braver crew, and a mightier vessel.

All of this means that the Bungie Community will grow in ways we cannot possibly imagine. The most unexpected players may find their way to to throw down roots and join the party. The face of our community will change in ways we do not yet understand.

We challenged the readers of the Mail Sack that landed last week to think about that for a moment. "Who's playing Destiny?" was the question of the day. Some of our new community friends will surprise us, so we asked you to do the same with a fabricated vision of people playing our game. Seven finalists have been chosen. They shall be judged.

D1Mik suggested a much happier ending for Halo: Reach.

Testic2 thinks that anything fun to do is more fun to do with your kids.

holycrapitsme23 reminds us that one does simply walk into Old Russia.

thehunterkern can imagine more exciting applications for mission control.

Yamigata is taking the notion of armor upgrades rather seriously.

Spartan Ken 15 sees Destiny as a game for a man's man.

Malfar just can't let go of discontinued heroes. RIP Tiger Man.

Last week, so expansive was the voter pool on Facebook, we're returning to the well. Check out what the cyber-masses think of these creations. The most 'likes' will spell certain victory for one of these artists, so add your clicks to the mix.

Check back on Friday to see who we'll be clothing with some Destiny gear. We'll open the next Mail Sack with a victory lap for one of our finalists.
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