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Challenge Accepted: Fake Destiny Posters

What would it look like if we took the world of Destiny, stuffed all of it into a truck, and drove that truck down ten miles of bad road, only to collide headlong into another truck that contained all of Hollywood? The crash site would probably bear a striking resemblance to the fake movie posters that have been designed by artists in the Bungie Community. In the last Mail Sack, we grabbed hold of a contest being run by a fan-owned art gallery. This was their idea. We just legitimized their challenge with the promise of loot for the winner.

We'll tell you all about how you can help pick that winner in a moment. Before you rush to judgment, check out the ones we liked the most. This selection process was agonizing. There was so much great work to see, but we had to force ourselves to narrow the field of competition.

Cal Carlson relocated our solar system to a galaxy far, far away.

Irish Liberty asked us a very serious question.

Jangles cast our Guardians as some not-so-average Joes.

Matt is eager to seek out new life and new civilizations.

MoltenSlowa likes his heroes shaken, and not stirred.

Svenot rooted Destiny in a classic tale of forbidden love.

Viperconn delved into the politics of the last safe city.

So who wins? That's why we're here, after all. A contest without a winner is like a movie without an ending. To see who rises to the top, we're going to throw this decision to the jury that has "liked" Bungie on Facebook. Are you one them? If you're not, here's your chance.

The poster that the most likes upon the publication of the next Mail Sack will win a real Destiny poster, and it will arrive in the hands of the victorious artists signed by the very real developers who are telling our story. Go forth now the Facebook, and "Like" your favorites.
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