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Community Focus: Bungie Day Challenge Finalists

After a steady build-up, Bungie Day was finally greeted by dangerous levels of excitement. For days prior, we'd been whipping the Seventh Column into a feeding frenzy with loot drops of every variety. The waters of had been chummed with medals, avatars, wallpapers, new music, even merchandise. The thirst for rewards had become unquenchable, and threatened to destroy us all.

To keep the peace, we threw the promise of autographed keepsakes into the arena of the Bungie Forum. We pitted you against one another in a battle of wits, creativity, and self-expression. We did what you do when gamers demand action: We invited you to engage in some healthy competition.

The results were staggering. Thousands of posts rolled in. Art from every discipline piled up. Using a bulldozer and some dynamite, we've managed to mine the mountain of entries down to a few jewels in each category. Check out the members of our community who'll be sweating out the finals.

Design a logo for Bungie Day.

Biwald set fire to a menagerie of Bungie icons.

Cajilicious painted a Fallen Vandal with a taste for steak.

Domi 233 made a bright prediction for our future.

Irish Liberty alluded to new alliances with old symbols.

SniperStealth designed a shield fit for a Guardian.

SolarOverlord issued an elegant call to action.

Menty pandered to the judges with our favorite number.

Honorable Mention: Dalton Barnard provided our article banner.

Show us what 'Space Magic' means to you.

CrazzySnipe55 is getting into character in his game room.

im am b0red liked his process so much, he captured it.

Loha3 gave us a literal application of the source material.

Pryos is hoping that Destiny will be transformative.

roland suggested that curiosity kills more than cats.

KennyFan93 added unexpected members to our team.

Scorch cheated with fancy animation and popular memes.

Create a world of historic, mythic, science fiction.

Noskills117 envisioned a long time ago, on a beach, far, far away.

NanoRav demanded to know if you are not entertained.

NullReference thinks that one type of armor deserves another.

Ir0nChimera replaced an early leader with an early concept.

irishfreak looks back on great Public Events in history.

Vito ADP sent a Hunter to reinforce the clans at Fallkirk.

Michael Fry planted his flag with some mighty support.

Design a Guardian that you would use to play Destiny.

Aexuron longs to stomp some Vex under his boot.

LastBastion dreams of being dashing in Warlock armor.

Mar should really keep is helmet on when it gets that cold.

RebornSHARKOON has a name as bold as his red Titan.

RyomaNinja seems more than ready to hunt prey on Mars.

TDSpiral is up to his old tricks, and they're sharp as a blade.

Zukai is cloaked in mystery and shrouded in danger.

Award swag to appoint some iconic Bungie spokespersons.

Breitzen chooses a science guy to talk about space magic.

FantasticDuck has a vision for an old-school away team.

Stephen Laughlin always visits the most cheerful places.

Funky Bob thinks that we will (we will) rock you with Destiny.

Lovejoy117 would appeal to gamers yearning to breathe free.

Malfar reminds us that each of our destinies are relative.

Zafric is taking faction names quite literally. #NewMonarchy

Congratulations to all the design competition finalists. At this very moment, the Bungie Team is selecting the victors by secure and private ballot. There were also two written trials. Each essay contest received thousands of entries. Each competitor spoke their own brand of truth. We have other plans for how to pluck a winner from those deep pools of prose.

The chosen ones will be unveiled later on this week, perhaps even as the introduction to the Mail Sack. In the meantime, feel free to voice support for your favorites. We're always watching, Bungie Community. Always.
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