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Light increases your level, increasing the damage your abilities deal against higher-level enemies.
Decreases the cooldown of your super ability. Intellect can be increased by your Armor.
Discipline decreases the cooldown time of your grenades, allowing you to use them more often. Find and equip armor with Discipline to boost this effect.
Strength reduces the cooldown time of your melee ability, allowing you to use it more often. Find and equip armor with Strength to boost this effect.
Warlock Subclass Common
There are flames that even the Darkness cannot extinguish.
Abyss Defiant (Adept)
Auto Rifle Exotic
399 Attack
Make the void roar.
Rate of Fire 88
Impact 8
Range 25
Stability 44
Reload 96
Magazine 31
Projectiles have a chance to disorient Hive Wizards.
When zoomed, this weapon fires slower, but causes additional damage.
This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.
Primary Weapons
44 Curtain Call
Shotgun Legendary
390 Attack
This high-impact weapon was designed to be a literal showstopper.
Rate of Fire 14
Impact 61
Range 16
Stability 50
Reload 40
Magazine 4
This weapon can be fired in full auto mode.
Melee kills automatically reload a portion of this weapon's magazine.
Slide further while this weapon is equipped.
Special Weapons
Disassembly Required
Rocket Launcher Legendary
385 Attack
Step 1. Point at enemy.
Step 2. Disassemble enemy.
Rate of Fire 9
Blast Radius 84
Velocity 50
Stability 55
Reload 66
Magazine 2
Rockets create cluster bombs when they detonate.
Kills with this weapon reduce the cooldown of your grenade.
This weapon gains increased reload and handling when two or more enemies are in close proximity.
Heavy Weapons
Towerwatch Shell
Ghost Shell Legendary
398 Defense
For Ghosts who serve the Vanguard.
Intellect 34
Strength 23
Detects and marks nearby helium filament collectors.
Chance to find additional helium filaments when looting engrams on the Moon.
Generate additional Glimmer when killing Hive.
Light Beyond Nemesis
Helmet Exotic
398 Defense
These are the wings of pratiya-samutpada, the truth of interconnectedness. The everywhere Light.
Intellect 64
Strength 38
Supers generate an extra Orb. Revive and be revived faster.
More Super energy from non-Guardian kills.
Gain bonus Super energy from Heavy Weapon kills on minions of the Darkness.
Replenish health when you pick up an Orb.
Iron Companion Gloves
Gauntlets Legendary
398 Defense
Ornate armor forged by the Lords of Iron beneath the Iron Banner.
Intellect 36
Discipline 55
Increased melee attack speed.
Gain bonus melee energy on grenade hits.
Increases the reload speed of Sidearms.
Azoth Bend I
Chest Armor Legendary
390 Defense
We did not create the Philosopher's Stone. It appeared to us in the skies over Mars.
Intellect 52
Discipline 84
Increases the amount of Auto Rifle ammunition you can carry.
Increases the amount of Sidearm ammunition you can carry.
Reduces incoming Arc Burn damage.
Increased Armor when using an Arc-based subclass.
Chest Armor
Infinite Lines Legs
Leg Armor Legendary
399 Defense
"Every time I look, the Darkness just grows larger." —RECORD 345-CHASM-6736
Intellect 48
Discipline 78
Increases the amount of Sniper Rifle ammunition you can carry.
Increases the amount of Rocket Launcher ammunition you can carry.
Increased Agility for 5 seconds after a Void double kill.
Leg Armor
Bond of the Queen's Guard
Warlock Bond Legendary
398 Defense
One throne beneath the howling dark.
Intellect 32
Discipline 22
Increases the upgrade rate for Auto Rifles.
Increases the upgrade rate for Fusion Rifles.
Increases your Vanguard reputation gains.
Class Armor
Numinous Web
Warlock Artifact Legendary
397 Defense
A web spun from the flayed and frozen Light of Guardians lost.
Intellect 43
Discipline 66
Arc grenades have a chance to generate an Orb when killing a minion of the Darkness.
Grenades have a chance to generate an Orb when killing a Taken enemy.
Vehicle Legendary
160 Speed
"I face the challenges to come with dry eyes. There will be a time to mourn, but not until we have our vengeance." —Petra Venj
Boost 35
Durability 55
Use while airborne to release roll stabilizers, and to roll.
Use or and or for quick lateral movements.
Hold to accelerate to higher speed.
Happy Horn
Horn Legendary
Blow your own horn.
Once equipped, press to sound your horn.

This item is nonreturnable.
Sparrow Horn
Timeless Tereshkova
Ship Legendary
You are but the most recent entry in the Cosmodrome's long and legendary history.
Dance of Bones
Armor Shader Legendary
Equip this shader to change the color of your armor.
Soul Extracted
Emblem Legendary
Emote Rare
No no no no NO!

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