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Light increases your level, increasing the damage your abilities deal against higher-level enemies.
Decreases the cooldown of your super ability. Intellect can be increased by your Armor.
Discipline decreases the cooldown time of your grenades, allowing you to use them more often. Find and equip armor with Discipline to boost this effect.
Strength reduces the cooldown time of your melee ability, allowing you to use it more often. Find and equip armor with Strength to boost this effect.
Titan Subclass Common
The wall against which the Darkness breaks.
Assembly II
Auto Rifle Legendary
390 Attack
Executor-issued auto rifle for loyal supporters of the New Monarchy.
Rate of Fire 100
Impact 2
Range 15
Stability 32
Reload 69
Magazine 56
Readying this weapon grants a brief period of bonus accuracy.
This weapon has increased stability.
Primary Weapons
Tao Hua Yuan
Sniper Rifle Legendary
365 Attack
One day, the flowers will grow again.
Rate of Fire 37
Impact 16
Range 74
Stability 60
Reload 66
Magazine 4
This weapon gains better target acquisition.
This weapon becomes more accurate as your health gets lower.
Special Weapons
Unending Deluge III
Machine Gun Legendary
385 Attack
When it rains…
Rate of Fire 88
Impact 27
Range 47
Stability 61
Reload 22
Magazine 70
This weapon grows more accurate the longer it is fired.
This weapon has increased stability.
Heavy Weapons
Towerwatch Shell
Ghost Shell Legendary
390 Defense
For Ghosts who serve the Vanguard.
Intellect 23
Strength 24
Detects and marks nearby helium filament collectors.
Chance to find additional helium filaments when looting engrams on the Moon.
Generate additional Glimmer when killing Taken.
Mangonel Type 2
Helmet Legendary
385 Defense
"Tactics? Psh. Just use your head. Literally ram your head into them." —Wei Ning
Discipline 43
Strength 41
Gain bonus Super energy on Grenade kills.
Gain bonus Super energy from Heavy Weapon kills on minions of the Darkness.
Shields start recovery immediately after Orb pickup.
Raku Gwener Type 1
Gauntlets Legendary
385 Defense
Crucible variant. Combining the best of Golden Age and City Age innovation.
Intellect 40
Strength 34
Increased grenade throw distance.
Bonus grenade energy on melee hits.
Increases the reload speed of Pulse Rifles.
Cosmoclast Plate
Chest Armor Legendary
385 Defense
I'm not sure what you mean, General. Is this still about the Exodus program? ~SIVA.MEM.WB012
Intellect 56
Discipline 55
Increases the amount of Auto Rifle ammunition you can carry.
Increases the amount of Fusion Rifle ammunition you can carry.
Take half damage when carrying the SIVA Charge.
Reduces incoming Solar Burn damage.
Gain a boost to Recovery per grenade kill. Stacks for 20 seconds.
Chest Armor
Iron Companion Greaves
Leg Armor Legendary
384 Defense
Ornate armor forged by the Lords of Iron beneath the Iron Banner.
Intellect 78
Strength 54
Increases the amount of Sidearm ammunition you can carry.
Increases the amount of Rocket Launcher ammunition you can carry.
Increased Agility for 5 seconds after an Arc double kill.
On respawn, weapon and movement speeds are greatly increased.
Leg Armor
Silimar's Iron Sash
Titan Mark Legendary
367 Defense
Ward or fist, you cannot be broken.
Intellect 34
Strength 23
Increases the upgrade rate for Auto Rifles.
Increases the upgrade rate for Sidearms.
Increases your Crucible reputation gains.
Class Armor
Memory of Jolder
Artifact Legendary
350 Defense
"If I am to die, let it be in battle, with weapons in my hands and laughter in my heart." —Lady Jolder
Intellect 34
Strength 38
Removes sprint cooldown penalty.
Void melees have a chance to generate an Orb when killing a minion of the Darkness.
Melee attacks on Fallen enemies have a chance to generate an Orb.
EV-30 Tumbler
Vehicle Legendary
150 Speed
It takes a skilled field mechanic to disable limiters without destabilizing the entire drive.
Boost 35
Durability 50
Use while airborne to release roll stabilizers, and to roll.
Use or and or for quick lateral movements.
Hold to accelerate to higher speed.
Happy Horn
Horn Legendary
Blow your own horn.
Once equipped, press to sound your horn.

This item is nonreturnable.
Sparrow Horn
"The Visible Hand"
Ship Legendary
Lead from the front.
Refraction Melt
Armor Shader Rare
Equip this shader to change the color of your armor.
Shield of the Warlord
Emblem Rare
Graceful Sneeze
Emote Rare

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