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Bungie takes the reports of suspected cheating very seriously. We use these reports and our own tools to investigate players who: may be tampering with their connection or other players' connections, other forms of cheating, and players who break Bungie's Terms of Service.

PLEASE NOTE: Posting the names of players on our forums you believe to be cheating in Destiny is a violation of our Code of Conduct and may result in a ban.

Getting Started

What Qualifies as Cheating? In-Game Player Reporting
Reporting Players on Report Suspected Cheating Contact Form

What Qualifies as Cheating?

For more information on what Bungie considers when investigating reports of cheating, see our Destiny Account Restriction and Banning Policies article.

In-Game Player Reporting

When players believe another player is cheating, the in-game "Report Player" button may be used.

For more information, see our Reporting a Player in Destiny article. 

Reporting Players on

Players who suspect other players of cheating or violate other can report players on through their Game History page.

  1. Find the game where a player may have cheated and click the title
  2. Click the “Opponents Defeated” tab
  3. Find the player you suspect of cheating and click their name
  4. After clicking their name, click the “Report Player” button
  5. Select the category you prefer to report the player, and click the “Send Report" button

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Report Suspected Cheating Contact Form

If players are unable to submit a report through the in-game system, they may fill out the contact form below with the requested information.

Please be aware of the following prior to submitting a Contact Form:

  • If players are not confident that a player was cheating, do not use this form.
  • Many things that may at first appear to involve cheating can be explained by other things, such as poor internet connectivity.
  • Abuse of this contact form may result in account restrictions.
  • Fraudulent reports and submissions unrelated to cheating may result in disciplinary actions against your account.

The following items can be beneficial to investigations. Please provide them if you are able to:

  • Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR)
  • Links to Videos or Captures of game-play that showcase cheating
  • Other evidence that would indicate that a player is cheating

PLEASE NOTE: Contact forms may not be accessible when viewed in a mobile browser. To ensure that all contact forms or properly submitted and received, it is recommended that players submit contact forms in a desktop browser. All Contact Form email responses are in English only.

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