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Silver and Eververse Guided Support

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Silver and Eververse Guided Support

The Eververse Trading Co. storefront allows players to purchase items using Silver, which is an in-game currency acquired through the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace in exchange for real-world money. Most items available for purchase from Eververse Trading Co. are cosmetic and none are required to access any part of Destiny. For more information on Silver, Eververse Items, Silver Dust, or to request help with issues encountered with Eververse or Silver purchases, please see the appropriate button below.


Silver is the in-game currency that is acquired with real-world money and can be exchanged for items at an Eververse Trading Co. storefront.

Silver Vital Information Adding Silver to an Account
Checking the Silver Balance Silver Cannot be Refunded

Eververse Items

Eververse Items are available for purchase using Silver from an Eververse Trading Co. storefront. Additionally, some Eververse Items are available to be earned through gameplay.

Eververse Item Vital Information Types of Eververse Items
Returning an Eververse Item Recovering an Eververse Item

Silver Dust

Silver Dust is an in-game currency that is generally acquired from dismantling some Eververse Items and that can be used to purchase a special selection of items from the Silver Dust Store.


Silver Dust Vital Information Types of Silver Dust Items
Recovering Silver Dust Items

Request Help

Players that are encountering issues with their Silver or Eververse Item purchases can submit a help request through the below Contact Forms.


Missing Silver Missing Eververse Items

Please click the appropriate button below to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions or for a link to the preview of the Eververse Trading Co. storefront in the Destiny Companion:
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