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Destiny 2 Triumphs and Achievements/Trophies Vital Information and Known Issues
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This is a sub-page of Destiny 2 Known Issues and Vital Information. For the most recent and updated list of emergent Destiny 2 gameplay issues, please follow this link.

Vital Information

Seasonal Content

  • The Dawn Triumphs Seal will no longer be available to earn after the Season of Dawn ends
  • The Season of Dawn Collection badge will no longer be available to earn after Season of Dawn ends. The badge will remain if a player has completed it, but any incomplete entries will no longer be visible after Season of Dawn ends
  • The following Season 9 Triumphs will no longer be available to earn after Season of Dawn ends:
      • Tangled Shore Resonance
      • Mars Resonance
      • Nessus Resonance
      • EDZ Resonance
      • Global Resonance
      • Link Repair
      • Race Through Time
      • Undefeatable
      • Legendary Psion
      • Flayer Slayer
      • Inotam's Ruin
      • Sundial
      • Bastion
      • Saintly Savior
      • A Past Remembered
      • Bound By Duty
      • Saintly Duty
      • Devil's Ruin
      • Tower Obelisk
      • Central Power
      • Power Overwhelming
      • Empyrean Restorer
      • Torch-Bearer
      • Season 9: Power Bonus
      • Season 9: Progress
      • Season 9: Combat
      • Season 9: Challenges
      • Season 9: Valor
      • Season 9: Valor Legend
      • Season 9: Glory
      • Season 9: Glory Streak
      • Season 9: Iron Banner
      • Season 9: Engagement
      • Season 9: Rituals
      • Season 9: Vanguard
      • Season 9: Nightfall
      • All other Season 9 triumphs


  • The High Roller Triumph only unlocks if completed in Nightfall: The Ordeal
  • Some Triumphs will display a progress bar even though only one objective needs to be completed
  • The Usurper Triumph will not unlock for players who solo the Pit of Heresy Dungeon if they leave the encounter at any point
  • Certain Achievements/Trophies can only be unlocked by owning Forsaken (e.g. a third subclass, reaching the Dreaming City, and 5000 triumph score)
  • Only newly created Guardians can unlock the Show Me What You Got Achievement/Trophy
  • The Seal the Deal Achievement/Trophy will only unlock if a player owns Forsaken and one of the following Forsaken seals is earned:
      • Wayfarer
      • Dredgen
      • Unbroken
      • Chronicler
      • Cursebreaker
      • Rivensbane

Top Issues Being Investigated


  • The Trials of Osiris emblems and Collection category cannot be viewed until a player has earned those items
  • The Seraph Public Event Completions Triumph is tracking successful Public Event completions. There is no Heroic version of this Public Event
  • Ghost Scan 132 is no longer available on Nessus
  • The Playin' the Odds emblem cannot be reacquired from the Collections. As a temporary workaround, players can reset their Infamy rank three times during the season. After doing so, the emblem will be guaranteed to drop along with the "Ludomaniacal" emblem variant
  • Progress for the In Pursuit of Honor Triumph is no longer doubled in Iron Banner
  • The Luna's Lost Triumph is not rewarding the Lunar Memoriam emblem as intended
  • Vendor Triumphs for Devrim, Sloane, Failsafe, and Asher will not unlock even if the player has met and interacted with these characters

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