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Destiny 2 Known Localization Issues
Destiny 2
Xbox One
PlayStation 4

Listed below are known localization issues which Destiny Player Support is tracking. For information on issues resolved in future updates, players should see our Updates page. Players who encounter issues not listed below should report them to the #Help forum.


  • 我們正調查繁體中文版《天命2》玩家會遇上過長的使用者介面讀取時間。
    • "We are investigating an issue where players using the Traditional Chinese language are experiencing long UI load times in Destiny 2. We are pursuing a fix."
  • The "Rampage Spec" mod is mistranslated to say that it extends the duration of the rampage and kill clip perks when it should only extend the duration of the rampage perk.


  • The "WANTED: VALUS DULURC" bounty should say that you have to defeat this enemy on Mars, but it incorrectly says Io.


  • Item text disappears when switching from Korean to Japanese.
  • The weapons "Loaded Question" and "Perfect Paradox" are mistranslated.
  • The "Chaos Reach" super is mistranslated.
  • The weapon "Izanagi's Burden" is mistranslated as "Izanami's Burden."


  • We are investigating an issue where players using the Korean language on PS4 are experiencing long UI load times.


  • We are investigating an issue where the description of the Machine Gun weapon frame step says the Volundr Forge is on Nessus when it's actually in the EDZ.


  • Cayde's audio in the mission "Six" cutscene is missing.
  • The "Steel of Bergusia" emblem is mistranslated where it references two different Forges in the description instead of just the Bergusia Forge.

Spanish (Mexico)

  • In the Spire of Stars' Prestige mode, a modifier may call for "Fusil de fusión" for kinetic weapons; this actually requires "Fusil automático" for the kinetic weapon.

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