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Destiny 2: Gambit Guide
Destiny 2
Xbox One
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For details on Gambit, the new PvE/PvP hybrid activity introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, players should see the page below.


Fight. Collect. Bank. Invade. Gambit pits two competing teams against the minions of Darkness, with the twist that each team can send a player to invade and disrupt their enemy team.

Entry Requirements

Players who wish to participate in Gambit must first meet the following requirements in order to access this activity from the Director:

  • Own Destiny 2: New Light
  • Complete the New Light quest

Earning Reputation and Rewards

Players who participate in Gambit will earn Infamy, a progression-based ranking system where completing matches earns players points. Completing any Gambit match will earn players Infamy, however winning matches will greatly increase Infamy earned. As players gain Infamy, they will unlock unique Gambit weapons and armor.

Unlike other progression-based ranking systems in Destiny 2, each Infamy rank is split into three tiers. The Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, and Mythic ranks will all have three tiers. The Legend rank, however, is one singular, solid rank.

In all other regards, Infamy ranks will function very much like Valor ranks in the Crucible:

  • Each rank will require more Infamy points to complete than the last
  • Win streaks award bonus points
  • Your win streak caps at 5 and doesn’t get reset until you lose a match
  • Your win streak won’t be reset if you join a match in progress

In addition to completing matches, players can also earn Infamy by completing Gambit bounties. Each day, the Drifter will have a selection of daily bounties available for sale that will award Infamy points, as well as other rewards. He’ll also sell a special weekly bounty to players who reach Level 50. The weekly bounty will award a large number of Infamy points and a piece of powerful gear.

Vital Information

Listed below is Vital Information that players may need to know:

  • Blockers can be summoned by banking 5, 10, and 15 motes, and are more powerful depending on the number of motes banked
  • Players can invade the enemy team every time 25 motes are banked
  • Gambit is only "power-enabled" when facing off against an invader during a Gambit match
  • If players are killed by an invader when facing off against the primeval, the primeval will regenerate health
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