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Bungie Rewards
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Occasionally, a player's in-game accomplishments may unlock exclusive gifts or items for purchase from Bungie. The in-game accomplishments that unlock exclusive Bungie gifts or items for purchase will either be listed on the Bungie Rewards page or will need to be discovered by playing Destiny 2. Gifts or items for purchase are offered for limited time and may be limited in quantity. Please refer to the reward details on the Bungie Rewards page for more information.


To be eligible to claim any physical rewards unlocked through gameplay, players will need to meet the following requirements:
  • Have their Destiny 2 account linked with their profile
  • Have a validated email linked to their profile
  • Set their notification options to receive news, updates, promotions, and exclusive content by email
It is recommended, but not required, that players create or sign into a Bungie Store account to claim gifts, discount codes, or view exclusive items for purchase.

Reporting Issues

Players that encounter one of the below issues, should do the following:
  • Reward Not Unlocking on Profile: Players should ensure they are signed into the profile linked to the Destiny 2 account that unlocked the reward. If this does not resolve the issue, players should try restarting Destiny 2 or logging back into the account that unlocked the reward. Players may also need to confirm completion of any quests and claim any related triumphs on their account.
  • Email Validation Issues: Players should ensure that they have the correct email address linked in their profile and that they have checked all folders in their email inbox for the validation request email. 
  • Generating Discount Codes or Invalid Code: Players that are encountering issues generating a Bungie Store code or that receive a message that a code is invalid, should make a post in the #Help forums describing the issue. 
  • Claiming, Purchasing, or Receiving Items in the Bungie Store: Players that are encountering issues while claiming a gift or purchasing and receiving items from the Bungie Store should contact Bungie Store Customer Service for help.

Players that encounter issues other than the above, or that cannot resolve the issue with the suggested troubleshooting steps should make a post in the #Help forums describing the issue they are encountering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Players should never post their email address or other personally identifying information in the Destiny forums. Bungie employees will never ask for your account passwords.
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