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Destiny Guardians: Internet Game Room Guide
Destiny 2
Playing Destiny Guardians in an Internet Game Room provides players with special benefits. Please see below for more information.

Getting Started

For new and returning players, the following guides are support avenues for getting into the game.
Linking a Profile
Destiny Companion Guide
Destiny Guardians Guide
Forsaken Guide

Starting at Level 1

Players have the option of creating a new character from the Character Select screen. Characters that start at Level 1:
  • Are able to play through the Red War, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken campaigns
  • Can access competitive multiplayer gameplay through the Gambit playlist at Level 2
  • Can access player-versus-player gameplay through the Crucible playlists at Level 5
  • Can access cooperative multiplayer gameplay through the Vanguard playlists at Level 16
  • Cannot access the Tower, Yuna, IGR Bounties, and pre-order items until Level 20
  • Cannot purchase items from Eververse Trading Co. until Level 20

Boosting to Level 30

Players also have the option of applying a Level 30 Character boost to individual Characters at the Character Select screen. Characters that have had a Level 30 Boost applied to them:
  • Start at Level 30 and Power Level 320
  • Cannot play through the Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind campaigns
  • Can access many adventures, destinations, and other activities from the above campaigns
  • Have immediate access to the Forsaken campaign
  • Have immediate access to the Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit playlists
  • Have immediate access to the Tower, Yuna, IGR Bounties, and pre-order items
  • Have immediate access to Eververse Trading Co.

Acquiring Character Boosts: Accounts that own the Forsaken expansion receive 1 free Level 30 Character Boost. Additional Character Boosts can be purchased from the Character Select screen using Silver. For more information, please see the Eververse Add-On Guide.

Internet Game Room Exclusive Content

Players that access Destiny Guardians from an Internet Game Room will have the following exclusive features available to them:

Exotic Armorer

Yuna, the Exotic Armorer is a Vendor available in the Tower and has a special function for IGR players.
  • Players logged in from an IGR will be able to pick up a selection of Exotic Weapons and Armor from her for free
  • Exotic Weapons and Armor from Yuna are acquired at the player's current Power Level and cannot be infused or upgraded
  • The selection of Exotic Weapons and Armor available from Yuna will change at the Weekly Reset
  • Quest-specific Exotic Weapons and Armor will not be available from Yuna
  • Exotic Weapons and Armor picked up from Yuna can only be equipped while the player is in an IGR
  • Gear acquired from the Exotic Armorer will not be unlocked in a player's Exotic Collection and provide no materials when dismantled

IGR Bounties

Players logged in from an IGR will be able to pick up and complete a continuous loop of special IGR versions of Eververse Bounties.
  • The IGR Bounties provide fewer rewards than standard Eververse Bounties, but can be completed an unlimited number of times
  • For each completion of an Eververse or IGR Bounty, players will immediately receive a new IGR Bounty for as long as they are logged in from an IGR and do not already have an IGR Bounty in their inventory
  • IGR Bounties that are completed while not logged in from an IGR will still provide rewards but will not provide a new IGR Bounty
  • IGR players can start the IGR Bounty loop by completing an Eververse Bounty
  • Players that abandon an IGR Bounty can pick up a new IGR Bounty at Yuna while in an IGR
  • For more information on Eververse Bounties, please see the Eververse Items Guide 

Experience Buff

Players logged in from an IGR will have a 25% experience buff for all gameplay.
  • The experience buff will only be active while a player is logged in from an IGR
  • When active, the experience buff applies across all characters on the account
  • The experience buff will apply to experience gained while leveling up and after reaching the level cap
  • The 25% IGR Experience Buff does not stack with other experience buffs that players may have active on their Characters or account

Reporting Issues

For a list of all known issues, support guides, or suggested troubleshooting steps, please refer to the following Help Articles.

Additionally players may want to search or post on the #Help forums where Destiny Player Support, Mentors, and community volunteers may be able to provide additional assistance.

Vital Information

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know about playing in a Korean IGR.

  • Destiny Guardian Game Licenses: When accessing Destiny Guardians from an Internet Game Room, players will have access to all released expansions. If players do not own some or all of the expansions, they will not be able to access content or gear that is exclusive to a release they do not own when they login outside of an IGR. This may include equipped gear, items, activities, quests, and destinations.

  • Blizzard App Regions: When players launch Destiny Guardians from the Blizzard Launcher, they will have the option to select the region in which they want to play. Yuna is only available in the Tower when the Korea region is selected. For  more information please see our help article on Blizzard App Regions.

  • Blizzard Battle Coin Refund: Players that wish to receive a refund of their Blizzard Battle Coin balance will need to contact Blizzard Support to initiate their request.

  • Parental Controls and Age Restrictions: Underage players may be subject to certain time limits based on Blizzard Parental Control settings or Age Restrictions. Players that are disconnected due to reaching their play time limit will receive the following message: "You can't log in because your account's play time limit has been reached."

  • Non-Korean Localization: Players with a Korean account may see Destiny Guardians referred to as Destiny 2 when using non-Korean localization options in-game or on the Destiny Companion on or the Mobile App.

  • Troubleshooting Connectivity or Hardware Issues: Players in an Internet Game Room that encounter reoccuring connectivity or hardware issues should contact the IGR owner to begin troubleshooting the issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The availability of items, features, or mechanics in Eververse Trading Co. are subject to change. The above information represents the current system as of the date the document was published.
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