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Destiny 2: Warmind Guide
Destiny 2
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Warmind is the second expansion of Destiny 2. For information on how to access this expansion and its content, please see the information below. For information regarding Destiny 2, please follow this link.

Purchasing and Installing 

Purchase Requirements

Warmind is included with Destiny 2: New Light, which is free to download.

Storage Requirements

Platform Destiny 2 Install Size Storage Space Needed for Installation
PlayStation 4 120 GB 185 GB
Xbox One 111 GB 111 GB
PC 95 GB 95 GB

Install and Update

For information on how to install and update Destiny 2, see this article: Installing and Updating Destiny Guide

Gameplay Content

Accessing Expansion Content

To access Warmind expansion content, players must meet the following requirements:
  • Own Destiny 2: New Light
  • Visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower after completing the New Light quest

Warmind Exclusive Content

Warmind provides exclusive new activities, items, and content for players that own the expansion. 
  • Campaign: Warmind
  • Crucible: "Meltdown" and "Solitude" maps can be selected in Private Matches
  • Strikes: "Strange Terrain", "Will of the Thousands", "The Insight Terminus"
  • Raid Lair: Leviathan, Spire of Stars 
  • Destination: Hellas Basin, Mars
  • Destination: Escalation Protocol Activity

Reporting Issues

For all known issues, please refer to the following Help Articles.
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