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Destiny 2 PC Local Text Chat
Destiny 2
With Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3, PC players have the option to use text chat to communicate with non-Fireteam players in shared spaces.

Entering the Local Chat Channel

Local text chat is manual opt-in by default, and a "Type /l to join Local Chat." message will be shown in the text chat history each time a player joins an activity. If manual opt-in is enabled, each time someone enters local chat after the player joins an activity a " has joined local chat." message will be displayed.

Once the player sends a local text chat message, they will be able to receive messages from other players. If the setting is changed to automatic opt-in, neither of these system messages will be displayed, and local messages will be automatically received.

To opt-in to automatic local text chat, players should:
  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Select "Gameplay" in the left-side pane
  • Under "Text Chat", select the "Local Chat" drop down
  • Select "Automatic Opt-in"
  • Press Enter to save

PLEASE NOTE: Deleting CVARS will reset Local Text opt-in to its default value (Manual). Players who delete their CVARS.xml file will need to opt-in to automatic local text chat again if they wish to continue using this setting.

To manually access local text chat, players may:
  • Press Tab to cycle through each available chat channel
  • Type /local (or just /l), and press either space, or selecting it from the autocomplete list
Text chat commands have been added to PC with the release of patch 2.1.0:
  • Friend Management:
    • /addfriend
    • /removefriend

  • Fireteam Management:
    • /invite
    • /join

Shared Spaces

There are two distinct types of shared spaces:
  • Public Spaces
  • Social Spaces

Public Spaces

Public Spaces are destination locations in-game where players will automatically matchmake with others, and come across them in the environment. An example of a public space is Trostland in the European Dead Zone.

In public spaces, the local text chat channel allows players to communicate with any other player in that immediate location, regardless of their launched activity. Players cannot, however, communicate with other players in different locations. For example, players in Trostland cannot participate in local text chat with players at Winding Cove, and a player in Trostland will be unable to communicate with other players in that location once they transition into Outskirts.

Social Spaces

Social Spaces are locations such as the Tower and Farm, that players launch into for the majority of their vendor interactions. These function differently in regards to local text chat because all players in a social space can chat together, regardless of the actual space they are occupying. For example, in the Tower, players in the Courtyard, Hangar, and Bazaar will all participate in the same text chat instance.

Private Spaces

Private Spaces are destination locations where players are not matchmade with others, and can only be accessed by players and their immediate fireteam. In these instances, players may not chat with others outside of their immediate fireteam, as no other players will be present. Examples of private spaces include Lost Sectors. Additionally, public chat is not available as an option in Crucible activities.
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