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The Dawning Guide
Destiny 2
Xbox One
PlayStation 4

The Dawning is a limited-time Live Event in Destiny 2 which celebrates the winter season and the spirit of giving. The Dawning starts on December 19, 2017 and ends at the weekly reset on January 9, 2018. For information on activities that are available in The Dawning, please see: The Dawning

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to experience The Dawning, some Activities and Milestones may not be available on characters who do not meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Red War campaign
  • Achieve Level 20

Earning Dawning Rewards

Listed below are Milestones for The Dawning that players may complete for Dawning-themed rewards.

  • Welcome to the Dawning

    Upon first logging in with each character for The Dawning, players will be greeted with the "Welcome to the Dawning" introductory Milestone. This Milestone may only be completed once per character for the entirety of The Dawning Live Event, and requires Tower access in order to be completed.

  • Spreading Holiday Cheer

    Upon completing the "Welcome to the Dawning" Milestone on each character, players will be directed to complete the "Spreading Holiday Cheer" Milestone. This Milestone may be completed once per week, per character, for rewards.

  • Today's Gift

    Every day during The Dawning, players may complete the "Today's Gift" Milestone. This Milestone has players gather resources to make gifts for NPCs across the Solar System. This Milestone may be completed once per day, per character, and requires Tower access in order to be completed.

Vital Information

Listed below are known issues and vital information for The Dawning.

  • Accessing Dawning-themed activities: Players still in the Tower, Farm, or open world activities when The Dawning goes live will need to return to Orbit and relaunch to see The Dawning versions of these spaces. This may require multiple tries. Updated playlist activities will be available immediately after The Dawning is live.
  • Gift Schematics in Ghost Inventory: Dawning's Gift Schematics received for the "Today's Gift" Milestone will go to the player's Ghost Shell inventory. Players should ensure they have adequate space in order to carry these items, or else they will be sent to the Postmaster.
  • Dawning's Gift Schematic: Rahool: The Gift Schematic for Master Rahool lists only that players must collect engrams as part of its completion requirements. Only Legendary Engrams and Exotic Engrams will progress this requirement. Rare Engrams or lower do not progress this step.
  • Dawning Shader Stacks: Dawning shaders will sort into separate stacks depending on where they were received from. Dawning shaders received through Eververse Trading Co. will fall into one stack, and shaders earned through activity rewards will be sorted into another stack. This can lead to players having up to 8 stacks, 2 of each, for each of the 4 Dawning-themed shaders. These shaders are as follows: Dawning Brilliance, Dawning Festiveness, Dawning Hope, and Dawning Warmth
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