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Occasionally, the platform stores will have Destiny 2 available to download and play as a free trial for a limited time. When available, players will be able to access the trial from the platform stores:
If you encounter issues installing Destiny 2 during one of the free trial access periods, please see the Installing and Updating Destiny Guide.

Storage Requirements:

Platform Destiny 2: Forsaken File Size Storage Space Needed for Installation
PlayStation 4 83 GB 90 GB
Xbox One 77 GB 77 GB
PC 77 GB 104 GB

Note: PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live is required for access to multi-player content.


Once players have downloaded Destiny 2 during the free trial period, they will have access to the full base Destiny 2 game including the following:
  • Red War Campaign
  • Character Level 20
  • Crucible playlists
  • Strike playlists
  • Clan Roster and Clan XP Contribution
  • End-game content


If a player wishes to upgrade to Destiny 2 ownership, all progress made during the free trial access will be retained as long as players purchase Destiny 2 on the same account in which they played the trial.


If you encounter an issue when playing Destiny 2 using the free trial access, please post a report to the #Help forum. To see a list of known issues for Destiny 2, please following the below links. 

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