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Artifact Lens Guide
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Introduced with Destiny: Rise of Iron, Artifact Lenses are a new Eververse item that enables players to add color filters to their Destiny experience.


When equipped, Artifact Lenses apply color filters to the Character's view of the game world. While these filters have a significant impact on a player's Destiny experience and visuals, they do not impact the following:

  • Gameplay visual effects such as damage indicators, debuffs, or buffs
  • Gameplay HUD, menus, notifications, and alerts
  • Character death and respawn screens
  • Character Inventory menus

PLEASE NOTE: To disable the color filter effects, players must be able to unequip the Artifact Lens item. If players do not have an alternative Artifact item available in their Inventory slots, they will be unable to unequip the Artifact Lens until they receive a new Artifact item in their Inventory. 


Artifact lenses may be purchased from Eververse Trading Co. store.

  • Each Artifact Lens costs 15 Dust and can be found in the Silver Dust category in the Eververse Trading Co. store
  • After purchasing an Artifact Lens, the Eververse License for the purchased Lens is permanently unlocked for the player's account.
  • Once purchased, players are able to redeem an unlimited amount of Artifact Lenses from the Eververse Trading Co. store. 
  • All Artifact Lenses redeemed from Eververse will always be Light Level 3 and will always come with the same set of stats and perks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Items under the Dust section of Eververse Trading Co. are non-refundable. For more information, please see the Eververse Trading Co. Guided Support.


Artifact Lenses are new Artifact items with unique perks. They have the following attributes:

  • The Artifact Lenses are not-class specific and can be equipped by any of the Character classes.
  • The Artifact Lenses are Legendary Artifacts with normal stats and perk options in addition to the unique Color Filter perk.
  • The Artifact Lenses are eligible for Infusion and will always start at Light Level 3 when purchased from the Eververse Trading Co. store.


Please see below for comparison views of the Artifact Lenses currently available for purchase at the Eververse Trading Co. store:

No Lens Equipped

Grayscale Lens Equipped

Golden Age Lens Equipped

Azure Lens Equippped

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