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Ornaments and Silver Dust
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Introduced with Destiny: Rise of Iron, some Weapon and Armor pieces may now be customized using the Ornament system. Chroma will now be found under the 'Ornaments' section of Character inventory.

Silver Dust:

Silver Dust is a new material introduced with Destiny: Rise of Iron that is required to apply Ornaments to Weapons or Armor. Silver Dust may be found when opening Treasure of Ages or when dismantling Weapon or Armor Ornaments.

Silver Dust Store Purchases:
The Silver Dust Store may be found between Eververse Trading Co. and the Postmaster in the Tower Plaza. Here, all items that can be purchased with Silver Dust are available.

Please note that SRL Armor Ornaments do not generate Silver Dust when dismantled.
For more information concerning Eververse Trading Co, please see the Eververse Guided Support.

Eva Levante Purchases:
Players who own Destiny: Rise of Iron may now purchase Chroma directly from Eva Levante using Silver Dust. 
Four Chroma colors will be available at a time, and will refresh with each Stock Refresh.

For additional information concerning Chroma, please see our Chroma FAQ.

Silver Dust is stored under the "Ornaments" section of Character Inventory. This material may be placed into the vault, and transferred to alternate characters for use.


Ornaments are new items that players may use to alter the appearance of specific Armor pieces and Exotic Weapons. Ornaments are stored under the Ornaments section of Character Inventory. Ornaments may also be placed within the Vault, and transferred to alternate characters.

Acquiring Ornaments:
Armor Ornaments may be found through the following means:
  • Age of Triumph Ornaments may be earned from completing Challenges in the Weekly Featured Raid.
    • Only 10 Ornaments may be stored per character, and 10 in the Vault, for a total of 40 Age of Triumph Ornaments per account. Age of Triumph Ornaments at the Postmaster count toward overall character count.
    • Age of Triumph Ornaments earned on characters who currently have a full stack of 10 will be lost.
  • Days of Iron Ornaments may be found in the Silver Dust Store. Additionally, one may be earned through the Rise of Iron Record Book.
  • Flawless Vigil Ornaments may be earned through Trials of Osiris

Weapon Ornaments may be found when opening Treasure of Ages boxes, and many can be purchased at the Silver Dust Store.

Additional info:
  • Once an Ornament has been equipped, the Ornament node may be toggled ON or OFF at any time at no additional cost.
  • Unlocking an Ornament on an item is permanent, but only for that specific item.
  • If the item is dismantled, the ornament will not be refunded, nor will it be unlocked on duplicates of that item.
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