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Strike Hoards and Skeleton Keys
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Introduced with Destiny: Rise of Iron, activity completion Strike Rewards are granted in a new way. Strike Unique rewards are no longer granted as engrams upon defeating the final boss. Rather, they will be granted through a chest that appears upon activity completion, called a "Strike Hoard".

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Key rewards have a chance to be granted upon defeating final bosses in Strike Activities. These items will appear as Legendary Engrams.

Once owned, players may use their Skeleton Key to open a Strike Hoard in any Strike that contains a unique reward. Players may hold up to 5 keys in inventory, per Character. 

Skeleton Keys may be acquired through the following Strike Playlists:
  • SIVA Crisis
  • Heroic SIVA Crisis
  • Weekly Vanguard Nightfall

Note: Skeleton Keys may only be earned once per Activity Completion. If a player leaves the Strike activity prior to Activity Completion, they will not be able to earn additional Skeleton Keys until reaching Activity Completion within a Strike Activity.

Strike Hoards

Strike Hoards now appear in Strike activities once players defeat the final boss. Strike Hoards hold Strike Unique rewards, which may only be accessed if a player holds a Skeleton Key.

Strike Hoards will only appear in the following Strike Activities:
  • Director Strikes
  • SIVA Crisis Playlist Strikes
  • Heroic SIVA Crisis Playlist Strikes
  • Weekly Vanguard Nightfall Strikes

Upon opening a Strike Hoard, players will receive one Strike Unique reward. In addition, players may either receive one Reprise Class Item, or one Artifact.
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