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With the latest update, Recruitment has been expanded to better allow players to recruit Fireteam members for activities in Destiny. When creating a topic in Recruitment, players will be presented with the built-in "Recruit Fireteam" option. When selected, "Recruit Fireteam" allows the author to fill out pre-determined criteria for Platform, Activity, and Number of Players Needed. Optional selections for Guide Options, Fireteam Tone, Intensity, and Mic Requirements may also be set, but are not needed to create a topic.

Below is an FAQ for creating topics in the Recruitment forums:

Q: What does the "Recruit Fireteam" feature do?
A: "Recruit Fireteam" is an optional feature that expands the normal functionality of Recruitment topics, and allows players to pre-select criteria for incoming Fireteam members. 

In addition to a Title and Body, "Recruit Fireteam" creates drop down boxes for the following items:

  • Platform
  • Activity
  • Spots Needed

  • Guide Options
  • Tone
  • Intensity
  • Mic Requirements(check box)

NOTE: If a player does not have a platform account linked to their profile which matches the criteria set by a topic author, they will not be able to claim a spot on the Fireteam. For more information on account linking, please see:

Q: What happens when my Fireteam is full?
A: Once all spots on the Fireteam are claimed, the thread author will receive a notification on and the Destiny Mobile Companion App prompting them to review their Recruitment topic. If the author wishes to proceed with their Fireteam, selecting "Close Thread and Create Fireteam" will lock the topic and Fireteam members.

Q: Can I create a "Recruit Fireteam" topic in the Clans sub-forum?
A: No. In the Clans sub-forum, players may only create a topic with a Title and Body. Topics created using the "Recruit Fireteam" function will automatically be posted to the relevant sub-forum of the Activity selected by the topic author. Since there is no "Clans" Activity, there is no way to direct these topics to the Clans sub-forum.

EXAMPLE: If a "Recruit Fireteam" topic were to be created for the King's Fall raid, the topic would automatically be directed to the Raids sub-forum.

If a player wishes to post to the Clans sub-forum, please ensure that the "Recruit Fireteam" box is unchecked.

Q: Can I approve my Fireteam before all open spots are taken?
A: Yes. If the Fireteam is ready to be created, but not all of the open spots have been filled, the author may select the "Prematurely Close Thread and Create Fireteam" button which will lock the topic and Fireteam members.

Q: How can I communicate with my Fireteam prior to meeting in-game?
A: Once a Fireteam has been approved, all participants will receive a notification on and the Destiny Mobile Companion App which will automatically open up a chat for all participants. Here, information may be shared in private so that players may connect in Destiny.

NOTE: Once a player leaves a chat, they cannot rejoin without creating a new one. If players find that they enjoyed their experience with a Fireteam, it is encouraged to not leave the chat so that they may resume communication with those players at any time.

Q: Can I edit a Recruitment topic after I have Approved my Fireteam?
A: No. Players can not edit the drop down selections of a Recruitment topic after it has been approved or cancelled, however the Title and Body may still be edited. If a player wishes to further change a topic, or wishes to continue recruiting after the thread has been closed, an entirely new topic will need to be created.

Q: Can I create multiple threads at once to plan out different activities?
A: Yes. Players may post multiple Recruitment threads for different activities at the same time. For best practices, always press "Close Thread and Cancel Fireteam" in created Recruitment posts that are no longer desired.

Q: What can I do if a spot is taken, but I don't want that player in my Fireteam?
A: If a player needs to be dismissed from a Fireteam prior to its approval, selecting the "[REMOVE]" button next to the player in their occupied spot will dismiss them from the Fireteam.

Q: What can I do if an undesired player repeatedly comments on my Recruitment topic?
A: If a player is being abusive or disruptive in a topic, they may be muted by the topic author. The muted player may still create comments, but the topic author will no longer receive notifications and the comments will be hidden from view. Furthermore, a player cannot join a Fireteam if the topic author has muted them. The Mute function may be found in the "Interact" menu on that player's profile on, the options menu of their profile on the Android Companion App, and on the face of their profile page on the iOS Companion App. 

If a player is being abusive in the forums, they may be reported to Moderators. The Report function may be found under that player's comment on, and in the options menu found when that comment is selected in the Android and iOS Companion Apps.

Q: I've visited the profile of a player who has joined my Fireteam, but they don't appear to have any Destiny characters. Why?
A: Players may opt to not display their Destiny characters using their Privacy Settings. If you would like to consider this player for your Fireteam, reach out to the player through a private message and request their PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag. Their Destiny characters may be searched directly on using their PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag. Some players hide their PSN or Xbox Live information out of privacy or safety concerns. Please always respect their wishes and do not publicly post their information.

Q: Can I create a Fireteam on a platform that I don't have linked to my account?
A: No. Players may create normal topics in the Recruitment forum, with any platform listed in the Title or Body. Players may only use "Recruit Fireteam" functionality, however, for platforms which are linked to their profile. If a player wishes to use the "Recruit Fireteam" functionality for a platform that is not linked, they must first link the platform credentials of that account to their profile.

For more information on account linking, please see:

Q: What if I no longer wish to create a Fireteam after making a topic?
A: If a topic author no longer wishes to participate in a Fireteam that they have started, they may select the "Close Thread and Cancel Fireteam" button at the bottom of their topic. This will lock the topic, preventing other players from commenting, or joining the Fireteam.

Q: I am seeing odd behavior with Recruitment topics, or a topic is not updating. What can I do?
A: Occasionally, a Recruitment topic will not update immediately to reflect a change. Please allow the topic time to update, which may take several moments, then refresh the page.

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