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Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags
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Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags are a new items that players may earn through gameplay or purchase directly from Tess Everis in the Tower.
Sterling Treasure may be earned once a week through the following means:
  • Logging in for the first time after the Weekly Reset, available at the Postmaster. 
    • Inspecting Character Gear on or the Companion App will ensure delivery of Weekly Postmaster Sterling Treasures. To verify, you may inspect the Postmaster to see the Sterling Treasure within.
  • Completing one Level 41 Prison of Elders Activity
  • Completing one Weekly Crucible Playlist Match
Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags may also be inspected in-game. They will contain 1 Guaranteed Item, and up to 4 Possible Items.

Available Items within include the following:

Guaranteed Item
  • DESOLATE Armor pieces
  • SPEKTAR Armor pieces

Possible Item(s)
  • Chroma Materials
  • Vanguard, Crucible, and House of Judgement Reputation Boosters
  • Waning Star Ship
  • Space-Age Mariner Ship
  • S-35 Aeon Glow Sparrow

NOTE: The "Taken Shiver" Emote will become available once all DESOLATE Armor pieces have been collected for a single character. This emote may be picked up via the Eververse Kiosk or Emote Collection in the Tower.
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