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The Challenge of the Elders
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The Challenge of the Elders is a weekly PvE event, featuring a specialized Prison of Elders Arena. The event and all progress made on an Elder's Sigil ticket resets every week during the Weekly Reset on Tuesday (1:00 AM Pacific, 9:00 UTC). 

For more general information on the Prison of Elders activity, please see our Prison of Elders help page.

Entry Requirements

The Challenge of the Elders is a non-matchmade activity. Players can enter the Arenas with a pre-made fireteam of up to three characters. To enter the Challenge of the Elders, players must meet the following requirements: 

  • Own Destiny: The Taken King 
  • Purchased an Elder's Sigil from Variks in the Reef
  • Have a minimum Light Level of 290. The recommended Light Level is 320.


Elder's Sigil

The Elder's Sigil tracks a players High Score per Challenge and the Cumulative Score for all Challenges completed during the week.

  • Score Bonuses: The Elder's Sigil displays the weekly Kill Bonus Modifier for the Challenge of the Elders. This modifier is added to the points earned for certain types of kills (ex: Melee Kills, Precision Kills, etc.)

  • Timed Rounds: Each round is timed and after a certain period of time, points will begin to be deducted from the score for the Challenge. The timer is not displayed in game, but there will be a notification when the negative modifier begins to be applied. 

  • Weekly Reset: The Elder's Sigil will expire after the Weekly Reset and a new Elder's Sigil will need to be purchased to enter the Challenge of the Elders.


Challenge Rewards

Each completion of the Challenge of the Elders grants players the chance to earn rewards. In addition, Variks’ will present players with rewards that can be earned once per week, per character for the following:

  • Meeting or exceeding the High Score points listed on the Elder's Sigil
  • Meeting or exceeding the Cumulative Score points listed on the Elder's Sigil

Challenge of the Elders Vital Information

Below is a list of Vital Information for the Challenge of the Elders:

  • Checkpoints: There are no checkpoints in the Challenge of the Elders. Once the activity has been started, it must be completed or all progress for the attempt will be lost.

  • Entry Requirements: When a Character does not meet all the requirements for entry, the Challenge of the Elder’s node in the Director may not show the proper requirements that still need to be met to gain entry. Please ensure that Characters attempting entry meet all of the requirements listed above.

  • Respawning: Players may occasionally respawn outside of the currently active room in the Arena. If this happens, players will be teleported back into the room within a few seconds.

  • Fireteam Wipe: If players wipe after the Round Completed screen has displayed in the Challenge of the Elders, but before starting the next round, they will be sent back to the start of the previously completed round resulting in a loss of progress.

  • Timed Rounds: The timer counting towards the negative score modifier for the Challenge of the Elders begins when players are in the airlock at the start of the round instead of starting when they enter the active room in the Arena. 

PLEASE NOTE: Points lost due to time penalties in the Challenge of the Elders activity are reflected on the Elders' Sigil, but not on the individual score recorded in the player's Post Game Carnage Report.

  • Overmind Minotaur: The detainment fields created by the Overmind Minotaur can no longer be damaged by other Fireteam members and must be destroyed by the player that is trapped within the field. 

  • Orbs of Light: Players will only receive points for each instance in which Orbs of Light are generated in the Challenge of the Elders. Generating Orbs in separate instances, even if they are from the same Super, will offer more points. 
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