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What is Chroma?

A: Chroma is a new material that provides for additional customization of Weapons and Armor. There are many different colors of Chroma. Each color of Chroma is a distinct consumable that can stack up to 250 and may be transferred to different characters through the Vault. 

The available colors of Chroma are:
  • Red 
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Orange
  • Magenta
  • Green

Where do I get Chroma?

A: Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags may reward players with a randomly colored unit of Chroma. Players may also acquire Chroma by dismantling Armor pieces from the following Armor sets:
  • “SPEKTAR” gear acquired through a Sterling Treasure Mystery Bag will grant a single randomly colored Chroma Consumable.
  • "DESOLATE" gear acquired through a Sterling Treasure Mystery Bag will grant a single White Chroma Consumable.
 If your character's inventory is full, these items will be sent to the Postmaster.

As with all Consumables and Upgrade Materials, Chroma will be lost if the item they’ve been applied to is Dismantled, Sharded, or Infused into another item.

How do I apply Chroma?

A: Chroma compatible gear will display a specific Perk node upon inspection.
The color of this Perk node determines which variety of Chroma may be applied to the gear.

The following is needed to apply Chroma to compatible items:
  • The required color of Chroma

Can I change the color of Chroma? What if I've already applied Chroma to an item?

A: Players may re-roll the Chroma color node on weapons and armor by selecting the ‘Deactivate Chroma” node.
The following items are needed to use the Deactivate Chroma node:
  • It costs 100 Glimmer to use the Deactivate Chroma node
  • If a Chroma consumable has already been applied to a weapon, it will be lost.

Please note: The Deactivate Chroma node can still be used when an item has been locked. Please use caution when using this button, as this action cannot be undone, and any applied Chroma will be lost in the process.

Can I preview Chroma before applying it to an item?

A: At this time, it is not possible to preview Chroma before it is applied to an item.

For additional information regarding the April update, follow this link.

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