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Year 2 Armor Twist Fate FAQ
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Q: What is Twist Fate?
Twist Fate, much like reforging a weapon, is a feature available on all Year 2 Exotic Armor pieces that allows you to "re-roll" your Armor's perks and character attributes (Intellect, Discipline, and Strength). Your Armor's progress, appearance, defense, and other static perks will be preserved.

Q: Which items can use Twist Fate?
Twist Fate is a node that is only available on Year 2 Exotic Armor pieces

Q: What is required to use the Twist Fate node?
Twist fate will require Glimmer, Armor Materials, and Glass Needles.

Q: Where do I get Glass Needles?
Glass Needles may only be purchased from Xûr when he appears in the Tower or the Reef.

Q: May I use Twist Face more than once?
Twist Fate may be used an unlimited number of times on a piece of Year 2 Exotic Armor.

Q: I accidentally used Twist Fate on a piece of Exotic Armor, can I get my materials back?
Twist Fate is irreversible. Whether intentional or accidental, Armor cannot be reverted to its original state once Twist Fate has been used, nor can materials be refunded.

Please note: Bungie is aware that players are encountering an issue where the Twist Fate node does not affect Exotic Class Items granted by The Taken King Collector's Edition. For more information, please visit this Help Article.

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