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Destiny: Rise of Iron New Player Guide
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Destiny: Rise of Iron New Player Guide

Destiny: Rise of Iron is an online, shared-world experience. The game uses various systems, currencies, activity types and consumables as ways to earn rewards and progress a character. This guide will cover some of the more nuanced aspects of the game, while leaving plenty of room for discovery and player creativity. If you would like to learn about new features exclusive to Destiny: Rise of Iron, please see our Guided Support, or click the banner above.


When playing Destiny: Rise of Iron for the first time, new players will have the option of playing through the game with a brand new, un-leveled character or using the provided Spark of Light consumable to immediately reach level 40 and access all story content in Destiny: Rise of Iron. No matter what you choose, there are a few best practices to help you maximize your time while playing Destiny: Rise of Iron.


While playing Destiny: Rise of Iron, you will encounter various consumable items to help you get more out of playing. Certain consumables can be used to help boost your gear experience for a limited amount of time, while others can increase the rate at which you earn materials and Glimmer.


Destiny: Rise of Iron offers players Bounties and Quests to track progress and offer bonus experience for completing in-game tasks. Bounties may be redeemed within character inventory, and sometimes have a chance to drop materials or items. Some quests will require players to visit specific vendors in the Tower or the Reef, where others will present the next step directly from character inventory. 


Factions exist to give players the opportunity to earn reputation in exchange for Faction-exclusive gear and items. Factions vendors are located in the tower. Players may exchange Motes of Light, Weapon parts, Armor materials, and Ammo Synthesis in exchange for Faction Reputation. Upon each rank up, players will receive a Faction Package, which will contain Motes of Light, Strange Coins, and a chance for Legendary Weapons and Gear.


Certain portions of Destiny: Rise of Iron exist as a weekly or featured Activity. Playing these Activities earn you experience and items that can be used to purchase gear. Daily Heroic Story missions and Daily Crucible playlists will grant Legendary Marks upon completion, which can be used to purchase items in the Tower from vendors. Details for Weekly Reset times can be found in this Help Article, and additional information on Weekly activities can be on this Help Article. 


Weapons and Armor can be upgraded to grant additional perks. To upgrade, players will need Weapon and Armor materials, as well as different planetary materials. Each of the planetary materials can be found on a specific planet (e.g. Spinmetal is found on Earth). Alternate Ghost shells can aid in finding these, as some offer in-game waypoints on material nodes, or grant additional resources upon material collection. To increase the Attack or Defense levels on weapons and armor, please see the guide on Infusion.


Destiny Companion refers to both the content found on and the mobile app. You can use these tools to help you get the most out of your Destiny experience. The following are some examples that can be found under "My Legend" when navigating through the Destiny Companion:
  • Players may access the Vault, and transfer items to and from multiple characters.
  • Look up Grimoire Cards and all available in-game gear.
  • Players may view active Bounties, Quests, and featured activities under the Advisors tab. The Stats tab will hold all information from previous games,
  • For up to date Vendor inventories, this information may be found under the Vendors tab.


Characters, gear and progress is tied to your Destiny account. Keeping your account secure on both your console and on the web is the best way to ensure no unwanted activity is performed without your knowledge. For steps on how to secure your account, follow this Help Article


Destiny: Rise of Iron is a shared-world gaming experience. This requires an always-on, stable internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi to play Destiny, Bungie highly recommends switching to a wired connection for better stability. If you encounter any error codes while playing Destiny, troubleshooting steps may be found on, as well as our Network Troubleshooting Guide.

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