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Engrams, Items, or Gear did not go to the Postmaster.
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When playing Destiny, players may occasionally find that they do not have space in their inventory to pick up Engrams, items, or activity rewards that have dropped in-game. 

Activity rewards and Rare, Legendary, or Exotic Engrams that are left on the ground can be automatically sent to the Postmaster, but only after the player has successfully Returned to Orbit from the activity. Any other item must be collected into the player's Inventory in order to be saved. 

Entering Matchmaking, joining a friend’s activity, or otherwise departing from the current activity without logging out of the currently active character will return the player to Orbit.

Closing the Destiny application, logging out, switching characters, getting disconnected due to networking issues, or powering off your console without first Returning to Orbit will cause all items remaining on the ground to be permanently lost.

Bungie will not restore lost items. If you wish to read more about our policy regarding dismantled, deleted, or otherwise lost items in Destiny, please see this article our Deleted Item and Character Policy.
The Destiny Companion can be used to move items between your characters and Vault during gameplay. For more information on the Destiny Companion, please see the Destiny Mobile Companion Application FAQ.

To download the Destiny Companion App, as well as see the requirements for running the Destiny Companion App, please the Apple Store and Google Play stores: 
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